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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Walkthrough Part 61 - Omega Ranch (1 of 8)

Check out part 61 of this walkthrough for this action RPG Deus Ex: Human Revolution and sneak through Omega Ranch to rescue Megan Reed.


Man: Get that cargo clear of the fire! We're pulling out now! Load and secure those pods!

Pritchard: Answer me, Jensen. Where are you going?

Jensen: Hell if I know, Pritchard. Hell if I know. Pritchard. Any chance you're still there?

Pritchard: Jensen. My god, you've been offline for days. Where the hell are you?

Jensen: I was hoping you'd tell me.

Pritchard: I'm pinging you now. You're in Singapore. Something's wrong Jensen. I pinged you, and a second later I lost your GPL signal. It's like you disappeared into a black hole.

Jensen: Got to be a jammer.

Pritchard: Well, obviously. If you can find the transmitter and take it offline, I'll be able to track you. And keep you on a tighter leash.

Jensen: I've got more important things to do than help you keep tabs on me. If Megan and her team are here, there's no time to waste.

Man 1: So the CO is here.

Man 2: He is? How do you know?

Man 1: Walrond told me he saw him talking to the Queen.

Man 2: I'm sure she was probably barking orders at him again. Looks like this show is packed with A-listers now. Question is, who's headlining?

Man 1: Things would be a lot easier if Darrow was still around. Anyway, I better get back to storage in case he decides to spring a surprise inspection on us.

Man 2: Good idea.

Woman: Confirms that the cause of these destructions has been linked to a major malfunction in the multi-channel [inaudible] bio chip. A device which transmits neural impulses directly to [inaudible] tissue. She is urging people to visit their local LIMB clinics immediately to have the [inaudible] chips replaced. Inside sources tell me that augmentation giant, Hon[SP] Yong[SP] Medical is scrambling to produce enough new and improved bio chips to meet the expected demand. This widespread defect, coming so soon after the recent riots, only raises-

Female Voice: Access granted.

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