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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Walkthrough Part 66 - Omega Ranch (6 of 8)

Check out part 66 of this walkthrough for this action RPG Deus Ex: Human Revolution and sneak through Omega Ranch to rescue Megan Reed.


Dr. Koss: What do you want? I told you people not to barge in here. Wasn't the new biochip design enough?

Jensen: Dr. Koss, I'm here to get you out.

Dr. Koss: Jensen? From Sarif? But we were told we'd been written off.

Jensen: Not exactly.

Dr. Koss: Listen, Jensen, they forced me to work for them. I didn't want to created the new biochip, especially since it was based on Sarif's research. But they didn't give me a choice.

Jensen: No one doubts your loyalty, Dr. Koss. Do you know what they planned to do with this new biochip?

Dr. Koss: I'm not sure. They said something about having Tia Yong Medical produce it and distribute it through LIMB, but I-- I can't be sure.

Jensen: I know, and I'm here to bring you all back, but to reach Megan, I need you, Colvin, and Faherty to stage lab accidents as a distraction. Simultaneously.

Dr. Koss: Isn't that a little risky? Besides, how will we coordinate these accidents? It's impossible.

Jensen: Maybe not, but it's that or staying here and eventually ending up like Dr. Sevchenko.

Dr. Koss: They killed him, didn't they? He-- he kept provoking them, coming up with these wild escape plans. They try to keep us apart as much as possible now. All right, Mr. Jensen, I'm with you. What's our next move?

Jensen: We need to disable their G-P-L tracker. I know Dr. Sevchenko was working on something.

Dr. Koss: Yes, a virus program. We all thought it was too risky considering we had nowhere to go, but I don't have it. You had better check with Nia or Declan.

Jensen: Dr. Koss, the biochip you mentioned was based on Sarif studies?

Dr. Koss: Yes, I believe so. At first, I thought it was merely convergent research, but I've worked with Dr. Reed long enough to recognize her handiwork. Besides, I'd been working on something similar back in Detroit.

Jensen: And your knowledge of it made you invaluable here?

Dr. Koss: At least to a certain extent. It probably helped us all stay alive. But now, with Dr. Sevchenko, I guess we've all become expendable, except for Dr. Reed, I suppose.

Jensen: Why do you say that?

Dr. Koss: It's more of a general feeling, I guess. Back in Detroit, we all realized that we were on the verge of something ground-breaking. And here, well, everybody seems to view her research as crucial in some way.

Jensen: That might explain why she's being held in a secured area.

Dr. Koss: Possibly. I'm just glad we're going home. It's kinda hard to believe.

Jensen: I haven't been able to locate Dr. Colvin yet. Any idea where she might be?

Dr. Koss: Yes. Yes, I think. For a while, Nia used to work on this floor. But she can be rather headstrong, and I think the guards were afraid she'd try to talk to me. They moved her to a more isolated lab on the second floor of the building. I'm sure it's locked, though, so you'll-- you'll have to find another way in.

Jensen: Sit tight, Dr. Koss. When you feel a vibration from your G-P-L, set off that distraction. That'll be the signal.

Dr. Koss: I will. Good luck, Mr. Jensen, and hurry.

Alarm: Access granted.

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