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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Walkthrough Part 67 - Omega Ranch (7 of 8)

Check out part 67 of this walkthrough for this action RPG Deus Ex: Human Revolution and sneak through Omega Ranch to rescue Megan Reed.


Computer: Access granted.

Dr. Colvin: Get the hell out! This lab is off limits to you people.

Jensen: Nice to see you too, Dr. Colvin.

Dr. Colvin: Wait a second, I know you. You were Sarif's security guy. Nice job protecting our asses.

Jensen: Hey, check the attitude Doc, I nearly died trying to save you.

Dr. Colvin: Oh, and now you're here to take me back. Well maybe I don't want to go. Maybe I've got more here than I ever had at Sarif.

Jensen: Would Vasili Sevchenko agree with that? They had him executed and dumped his body in a ditch.

Dr. Colvin: That's not true!

Jensen: Believe it. Unless these murderers have you so brainwashed, you don't mind building their toys.

Dr. Colvin: It wasn't a toy. It was a software upgrade that limits functionality in a bio-chip. They told me it was for crowd control. Is Vasili really dead? You saw a body?

Jensen: What was left of it.

Dr. Colvin: Oh my God! I should have listened to him.

Jensen: Dr. Colvin, if we can distract the guards, I may be able to reach Megan. Some staged incidents in the labs will do it. I've spoken with the others.

Dr. Colvin: Declan and Eric! Of course. Interesting idea Mr. Jensen, ambitious, risky but timing will be critical.

Jensen: I'll coordinate the attack, but you understand that this could all backfire.

Dr. Colvin: I'm no shrinking violet Mr. Jensen but there may be another issue.

Jensen: The GPLs I know. I don't suppose you have a copy of Dr. Sevchenko's viral program?

Dr. Colvin: I see the others filled you in. Here, upload it to the central security computers and it will scramble the scanners. They won't be able to track us.

Jensen: Dr. Colvin, I need to know I can trust you. You seemed pretty happy to be here until I told you about Dr. Sevchenko.

Dr. Colvin: It's been six months Mr. Jensen, not long for you perhaps, but how long can a person live in constant fear? Once they took us out of isolation, it just seemed easier to concentrate on the work.

Jensen: Do all of you feel that way?

Dr. Colvin: Vasili didn't, maybe not Declan either but the work we do here, the discussions and the theories. I thought Sarif's projects were far reaching but the experiments I've seen going on here, it's the kind of stuff DARPA dreams of every day.

Jensen: Only without governmental oversight keeping you in line.

Dr. Colvin: I suppose I'm just a typical scientist to you, right Mr. Jensen? Blindly pushing the boundaries, no care for who's footing the bill or how our discoveries get made?

Jensen: We all have to live with ourselves at the end of the day Dr. Colvin.

Dr. Colvin: You're right, of course. But were things so different in Detroit? We all know where those Sarif contracts came from, don't we? You asked me if you can trust me, you can, but you better get on with this.

Jensen: This compound is pretty big, doc. Where exactly do I find the security computer?

Dr. Colvin: There's a tunnel near the back of the compound, I believe it will take you to the machine, at least that's what Vasili said.

Jensen: Perfect. For now just stay put. Once I upload the virus, it will be time to act. I'll signal you, your GPL will vibrate.

Dr. Colvin: I'll be ready.

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