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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Walkthrough Part 70 - Omega Restricted Area (1 of 2)

Check out part 70 of this walkthrough for this action RPG Deus Ex: Human Revolution and sneak through Omega Ranch to rescue Megan Reed.


Megan: Jaron, is that you?

Adam: Not exactly...

Megan: Adam?! Oh my God. Adam, it's you...

You're hurt. What happened?

Adam: What happened to you?! I risked my life for you, Megan! I come halfway around the world, and for what?!

Megan: It's not what you think.

Adam: Are you a part of this?!

Megan: No! No, Adam. I swear it! The kidnapping was real. The attack on Sarif Industries--They came after me. They wanted my research.

Adam: And when did you decide they could have it?

Megan: It didn't happen like that! I wanted to tell you , but I couldn't! And then David said we had to use it -- we owed it to mankind!

Adam: David? ... What are you talking about?

Megan: My 'great discovery.' The genetic framework I found that makes it easier for living tissue to bond with implants. I found it -- in you, Adam. I used your D-N-A!

I wanted to tell you, I swear. But David convinced me what it could mean for mankind -- how much better off we could all be ...It took Hugh to make to see how wrong I was.

Adam: Hugh? Hugh Darrow?

Megan: He owns this facility. After Namir brought us here --

Adam: Pritchard! Patch me in to Sarif. Now!

Megan: Adam, please! Hugh's only pretending to work with Tai Yong and this others! He found out what they were planning and told them he would help -- but only to make sure they never succeeded! Their control signal won't work.

Man: Thank you, David. Ladies and gentleman, Mr. Sarif here has asked me to show the world how human enhancement technology can change it. After careful deliberation, I've decided I must do exactly that.

Forgive me.

Megan: Oh God...He's modified the control signal! anyone with the new bio-chip will be affected. Hugh never said anything about this...

Adam: I'm going back for the scientists.

Megan: No, Adam! i know the complex better than you. I'll find them...There's a hanger bay through there. Go to it's control room and retracted the roof. Clear a path for us!

Computer: Access Granted.

Access Granted.

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