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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Walkthrough Part 75 - Panchaea (4 of 9)

Check out part 75 of this walkthrough for this action RPG Deus Ex: Human Revolution and shut down the signal with this online demo.


Darrow: I don't think you want to do that, Mr. Jensen. Disengage lockdown and whatever demons this station contains are likely to come crashing out on us.

Jensen: Afraid to die, Darrow? Or just unwilling to face what you've done?

Darrow: Oh, I know what I've done, believe me. I take no pleasure in it.

Jensen: And yet you still did it.

Darrow: I did what had to be done. Twenty years ago, I gave the world augmentation technology. I thought I was giving it a bright future but instead I gave it the means to destroy itself. No law, no UN regulation was going to fix that.

Jensen: People are dying out there. Hundreds of thousands of people, driven to the brink of insanity. Because of you.

Darrow: I had to convince the world. Before today, people believed we should steal fire from the gods and redesign human nature. But human nature is the only thing we have that gives us a moral compass, and the social skills we need to live in peace. Destroy it, and you destroy our very species.

Jensen: Don't paint yourself a savior in this. What you're doing is insane.

Darrow: Is it? When this is done, the Illuminati won't be able to control men and women like you, as they had planned. From the inside out. No one will be able to use the technology I invented to make others into beings they desire. Something we both know has happened already.

Jensen: I think you're Frankenstein. Killing his own monster.

Darrow: Actually Mr. Jensen, I prefer to think of myself as Daedalus, watching helplessly as his child crashes into the sea.

Jensen: I'm ending this. Now.

Darrow: You can't. The signal is being generated from a broadcast center at the base of this facility. Panchaea's security system has been programmed to protect it. And will kill you before you even get close.

Jensen: You designed that system, Darrow. You can tell me how to shut it down.

Darrow: But I won't. You think what I'm doing is extreme. You simply don't understand. For humanity to survive beyond this century, it must abandon ill-conceived notions about transcendence and embrace change. But for that to happen, the hard lesson must be learned. Blood must be shed.

Jensen: You think humanity needs to be punished, is that it? Pain is the only thing people understand? By the time this is over, there will be no humanity left to embrace your change. The stress and horror you have forced us to live through will have ripped it out of us.

Darrow: I knew there would be casualties, but I thought over time, surely the human spirit can recover. History has shown us again and again that the human race is hidebound and governed by inertia. As a society, as a species, the only way to elicit any kind of reaction from it is through an act of tragedy, a horrible cataclysm. I regret what I have been forced to do, but given what I know about mankind and the dangers facing us, this was the only viable choice.

Jensen: You want us to see what you see? Fine. Our humanity is threatened because technology is messing with our minds. But how can we recognize this message when we're grieving over the people you've forced us to leave behind? Friends and neighbors. People we care about. Is the image of their murders the vision you want us to have?

Darrow: Of course it isn't. I don't want to be remembered as a monster. Don't you see? I created people like you. I made it possible for you to happen. If fate had dealt me a different hand, then perhaps, perhaps neither of us would be here. Isn't it obvious how fate is now conspiring to overtake us both, to grind us beneath her wheels? We must see this through. Lest people like you continue to evolve and destabilize society.

Jensen: People like me? You mean, not like you. You changed the world when you invented this technology. But your creation is leaving you behind. And as long as it's allowed to continue, mankind will use it to evolve without you. Until the Father of Tomorrow is known as Yesterday's Man.

Darrow: You think I am doing this for my ego? I never wanted this. Any of it. But I had no choice. Once upon a time I would have given all I had to be like you. But genetics cheated me of that chance, cursed me to become a cripple. And you know what? I'm relieved. Because I look in your eyes and I see how disturbed you are by what you have become. Admit it, Mr. Jensen. You've done things with those enhancements of yours you would never have considered before. You know your humanity is ebbing away.

Jensen: You can't have the future, so no one can, is that it? Open your eyes, Darrow. Look at what your obsession is doing to the world. When all of this is over, nothing will be left but anarchy and fear, smoldering in the ashes of burning cities. How can anything be rebuilt from that?

Darrow: No, that's not, that's not what I wanted. There must be something left, some hope of renewal. Because without hope, there is nothing.

I will give you what you want, Mr. Jensen. Codes to shut down Panchaea's security system. But you'll still be in danger. Much of the system is self-determining. And lethal. When you see it, maybe then you'll understand. The technology I created will not be the future any one of us desires. Please. Help the world understand that.

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