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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Walkthrough Part 85 - Ending 4 - No Message

Check out part 85 of this walkthrough for this action RPG Deus Ex: Human Revolution and send William Taggart's message to the world.


Eliza: Hello, Adam. Welcome to the edge. It is not the end of the world, but you can see it from here.

Adam: Eliza? What are you doing here?

Eliza: It is my job to monitor and report on the news, Adam. Before Darrow smothered everything with his signal, the whole world was tuned into this place. Including me.

Adam: The broadcast. I have to stop it.

Eliza: I know. Please. Come closer. Do you know where we are, Adam? We are at the fulcrum point, when society lies in the balance. Hugh Darrow hoped to tip the scales one way, by telling the world everything you already know. About the biochip. The Illuminati. Everything. He believed knowing the truth would convince mankind to abandon research into human enhancement technologies forever.

Adam: It would certainly give them reason to fear it.

Eliza: Indeed. Darrow's confession is ready to send. If you want, I can wide-band it across all media as soon as you shut down the signal. Everything you worked so hard to uncover will be exposed. But only if you deactivate the broadcast using this control. However, if you desire, I can alter Darrow's message. Conceal the creation of the biochip, while putting in new content.

Adam: Content blaming the Humanity Front. Like Sarif suggested.

Eliza: The organization has already admitted to harboring terrorists. It would be easy to convince people they turned to biological warfare, in a more desperate attempt to get rid of augmented people.

Adam: But why? What would that achieve?

Eliza: In time, it could shift the focus of hatred onto people whose prejudices are seen as too extreme, leaving corporations free to experiment with human evolution as they desire. But if you want me to perform this edit for you, you must disengage the signal and activate the video edit function from here. Alternatively, Darrow's message can be adjusted to erase all mention of the power group known as the Illuminati. I can report that lack of proper regulation allowed vast quantities of Neuropozyne to become contaminated, prior to reaching the market.

Adam: Taggart's preference. You think the world will buy a made-up story about Neuropozyne poisoning?

Eliza: You might be surprised by what people believe. I can convince them. And having experienced the negative effects of corporate negligence firsthand, a majority of people might force the world to place harsh restrictions on all human enhancement research. But only if you disengage the signal and activate the video edit function from here.

Of course, there is another option. That passage lead to Panchaea's pressure regulation controls. Destroy them and the installation will cave in on itself, overwhelmed by the weight of the ocean pressing against it. Everyone inside the structure will die.

Adam: That's a solution?

Eliza: No one will be left to tell the world what happened, Adam. Nobody will be able to spin the story.

Adam: Including me.

Eliza: The choice is yours. Do you believe you have the wisdom to choose an appropriate future for mankind? Or do you trust mankind to find the answers on its own?

If you do this, the world will be left with questions and may never reach a consensus. Are you sure this is your choice? We have little time left, Adam. And might I say, it has been a pleasure.

Adam: Do I trust mankind to save itself? That's what Eliza was asking. The truth is, I don't know. After everything I've seen, all the fighting, and the chaos around me. I only know what I want to believe. Somehow, human decency will triumph. These past few months, I faced many life-threatening situations. I could have given up many times, but my need to know the truth, to uncover the secrets that others were hiding, and to survive, forced me to keep on going. Most of the time, I tried to keep my values in mind, knowing my actions did not have to harm others. I held on to my humanity, resisting the urge to abuse power or resources in order to meet my goals. And in the end, I got the job done.

But does this mean I have the right to choose for everyone? No, because it isn't up to me. It isn't up to Darrow, Sarif, or Taggart, either. Ordinary men and women will have to decide together what course mankind should take. The kind of people who, time and time again, have picked and chosen the future in highly practical ways. Slowing change when it's negative, speeding it up when it's good. Can they do it again? I don't know. But I do know I'm not about to let anyone in this station, including myself, stand in their way.

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