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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Achievement Walkthrough - Good Soul (Pacifist)

Check out this walkthrough for this action RPG Deus Ex: Human Revolution and earn the achievement Good Soul as a Pacifist with this online demo.


Jensen: Malik, We've got company.

Malik: I know but the bird took some damage. Going to need to patch it up before I can go.

Jensen: I'll stay and cover you.

Malik: Negative. You need to get away from here and find Dr. Sevchenko. I'll be fine.

Jensen: You'll be a sitting duck.

Malik: Maybe, maybe not. But this is your best chance to slip by them unnoticed and you know it! So get out of here, Jensen!

Soldier 1: I'll kill you.

Soldier 2: Hold your fire.

Soldier 3: This is it.

Soldier 4: Beat it!

Soldier 5: Move in!

Soldier 6: Come on! Show your face. Aaaa!

Soldier 1: Get out here.

Jensen: I'm right here

Soldier 1: Hold it.

Malik: Jensen! The bird's fixed and I'm taking off. Now get on with the damned mission! And thanks, Spy Boy.

Jensen: Any time, Fly Girl.

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