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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Walkthrough - Lesser Evils (1 of 2)

Check out part 1 of this walkthrough for this action RPG Deus Ex: Human Revolution and complete the side mission Lesser Evils with this online demo.


Carella: Hey Jensen, man it's good to see you. I'm glad you're back. How are you holding up?

Jensen: I manage.

Carella: I'm sorry about Megan. I know it must be hard. For awhile we thought you were a goner too. Everything's going to shit. The attack on HQ and now this mess with the factory.

Jensen: Yeah. Tough times all around. How about you Carella, you okay?

Carella: I don't know. I uh, I fucked up. I mean bad.

Jensen: What happened?

Carella: Well, a couple of months ago, me and Tindall, you know, one of Pritchard's techs? We started sneaking out some Neuropozyne from one of the labs.

Jensen: Jesus, Tim. You realize this could get you fired--worse, arrested if the company chooses to prosecute. What were you thinking?

Carella: I know. It's just, it's complicated. I didn't want to do it at first, but there were good reasons. Anyway, now I want out, but Tindall has security footage of me stealing the stuff and says he'll expose me if I ever stop helping him. I'm in a bad spot, Adam. I need that footage back. I know you're busy with everything that's going on right now, but I could really use your help.

Jensen: How about Tindall? Can't you reason with him?

Carella: You could try, but Tindall's a pretty driven guy. I mean, the guy's like a rock. You'd need a CASIE aug or something to crack him.

Jensen: CASIE?

Carella: Social enhancer. It's an augmentation designed to read people's reactions and behavioral patterns. Higher end series even allows you to directly influence people with pheromones or something.

Jensen: Pretty ballsy stealing a patented drug from a secure lab. How'd you manage to do it?

Carella: Both Tindell and I worked the night shift every other week. I stashed the Neuropozyne in a bag while he edited the security footage. Guess he kept part of it.

Jensen: Neuropozyne? What could you guys want with an anti-rejection drug for augmentation patients? Reselling it? Providing a competitor?

Carella: Why do you automatically assume I was trying to turn a profit?

Jensen: What is it, exactly, you need me to do?

Carella: I need you to get back that security footage Tindall has on me. It's probably in his apartment. On his computer maybe.

Jensen: So what? I just look him up in the phone book?

Carella: His apartment is near Brooklyn Court. It might be tough to get in because his building has a large security gate protecting it.

Jensen: Well, that's just great.

Carella: Hacking the security gate is possible, but would require advanced hacking skills. You might have to look around for an alternate path. Maybe use the fire escape or something.

Jensen: And I should care about this because?

Carella: Damn, Adam. Are you really going to shake me down like this? That's cold. I'm hurting here. Look, I may be able to get my hands on a weapon mod for you. Geez, never thought I'd have to buy your help.

Jensen: All right, tell me more.

Carella: Really? Wow! Thanks Adam! I thought I was done for. The security footage will probably be on his apartment computer. Meet me in front of the subway station parking lot once you get a hold of it.

Jensen: I got it from here.

Woman: Access granted.

Access granted.

Stewie: Yo! Jay dog! I know you're here man! What? You think you can just cut me off? Come on man. I need my Neu--

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