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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Walkthrough - Cloak and Daggers and The Take (6 of 6)

Check out part 6 of this walkthrough for this action RPG Deus Ex: Human Revolution to complete the side mission Cloak and Daggers.


Man: Keep out of this, hanzer! Get lost!

Alexander: Did you get everything? We have to get that son of a bitch, Jensen.

Jensen: I think I have everything.

Alexander: Excellent, Jensen! I knew I could trust you. You identified the shipment, completely unnoticed, and my guys got their hands on Double-T. Awesome job. What else you got?

Jensen: I think O'Malley's plan was to start a controlled gang war between the Derelict Row Ballers and the Motor City Bangers. You might want to check into that.

Alexander: Really? All right, I'll keep that in mind when I review all the evidence.

Jensen: I paid a little B&E visit to O'Malley's apartment. There was a second shipment of weapons, government issue. I don't know how he got his hands on that type of hardware, but the man's got reach.

Alexander: Great work. Found something else?

Jensen: I found a stash of illegal drugs. Not much, but enough to get him convicted.

Alexander: Good. The more dirt we dig up on that asshole, the better our chances to put him away for good. Got anything else?

Jensen: I managed to hack into his personal account. I think you might want to check any connection O'Malley has with FEMA. There's definitely something going on there.

Alexander: My God, Jensen, with all you've uncovered, you've probably provided us with months of legal investigation. What's next? You're going to tell me you've found proof he's got free satellite TV?

Jensen: No, that about covers it.

Alexander: O'Malley never mentioned any weapon. He just wanted the witness dead.

Jensen: Just wanted the witness dead, huh? All right. Well, I've got enough evidence against O'Malley anyway. Let's just hope it doesn't fall in the wrong hands. Right, Jensen? Well, that's it. You did a great job. Here's the stuff I promised you. We've got more than enough to nail him now, and I want to make a move before that son of a bitch gets wise.

Alexander: But I ain't got not backup, and I doubt he'll go down peacefully.

Jensen: You've already done the bulk of the job. You want to put the finishing touches on yourself?

Alexander: It'll be my pleasure.

Jensen: Perfect. My contact tells me O'Malley's gone back to his apartment. Go get him. I'll be waiting for you in the alley near the building once you've taken care of that scumbag.

O'Malley: Mister Jensen. Don't know why I didn't recognize you the first time. Here to make sure your treachery is complete?

Jensen: You play a dangerous game, O'Malley. Manipulating people. Killing them. What's happening here shouldn't come as a surprise. It's an inevitable consequence.

O'Malley: In the end, it seems you and I aren't so different, Mr. Jensen. You too seem to consider this world only through cold hard facts.

Jensen: Whatever, I'm here to arrest you. I strongly suggest you consider a peaceful resolution.

O'Malley: I'm afraid I won't be able to comply, Mr. Jensen. But allow me to make you a different offer.

Jensen: I'm listening.

O'Malley: I don't resent you for what you did. You played your cards and alliances well, and it's something I can respect. Still, it doesn't mean that I accept defeat. I'm willing to transfer to you a rather enviable sum in exchange for my freedom.

Jensen: All right, but don't try to pull anything.

O'Malley: Now, come on, Mr. Jensen. When haven't I been a perfect gentleman? The money is in your apartment, on your table. Now, if you excuse me, I have somewhere to be.

Alexander: So what happened?

Jensen: He wasn't in there. I think he's gone.

Alexander: Fuck! Someone must have tipped him off! If he's really gone, that's it. No way we'll get another poke at a sneaky bastard like that. Months of work gone to shit. If you don't mind, I've got to be alone, Jensen. Need to wrap my head around all this.

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