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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Walkthrough - Shanghai Justice (3 of 4)

Check out part 3 of this walkthrough for this action RPG Deus Ex: Human Revolution to complete the side mission Shanghai Justice.


Jensen: Malik, I'm in the hive. What's your plan?

Faridah: Find Lee and talk to him. I want you to convince him you know exactly what he did to Evelyn and why. If you can make him panic, I'm willing to bet he'll spill his guts. Just make it look like blackmail. If he's willing to pay to keep you quiet, he's basically tying his own noose. I'll listen in and recording everything.

Jensen: Got it.

Lee: What do you want, Chrome boy?

Jensen: Is your name Lee Hong?

Lee: Yeah, maybe it is, maybe it isn't. What's it to you?

Jensen: I want to talk to you about Evelyn Carmichael.

Lee: Ev? Man, piss off! I already told all you narcos all there is to say.

Jensen: Relax, I'm not with the police. I work private and you could say I specialize in cases like yours.

Lee: If you ain't police then what the fuck you want?

Jensen: A simple proposition. I have proof that shows you murdered Evelyn and I want you to pay me two and a half million credits to make that proof disappear.

Lee: Two and a half? Bullshit. You ain't got shit on me, narco. I ain't paying you shit.

Jensen: I strongly suggest you reconsider.

Lee: I strongly suggest you get the fuck out of my face. Cause unless you got your proof right here, I ain't got shit to say to you.

Jensen: All right. Let's start with the police report. I know your story doesn't match up with the evidence at the scene of Evelyn's fall.

Lee: Oh yeah? And why's that?

Jensen: Because the police report was full of inaccuracies, like someone deliberately tampered with evidence.

Lee: Yeah, and? That still don't prove shit.

Jensen: Not only does the evidence not add up, but neither does your testimony. You lied about why Evelyn fell down the stairs in the first place. You said you'd both been drinking heavily prior to the accident and the reason Evelyn fell was because she was drunk. We both know that isn't true.

Lee: Man, that shit was in the papers.

Jensen: Now, if the evidence doesn't fit and your story was a lie, then how did Evelyn die on that night? Well, the answer is pretty simple really: you killed her. But how? By hitting her on the head with that antique clock you keep so prominently displayed in your apartment. The lacerations on her head, the intracranial hemorrhaging, it's the perfect match.

Lee: In my apartment? How the fuck do you know what's in my apartment?

Jensen: And like any good crime of passion, you needed motivation, something to fuel your violent outburst. What did Evelyn say or do to make you murder her? She told you she was pregnant and you panicked. Faced with the prospect of losing your easy way of life, you struck out at her in anger.

Lee: How? That's impossible.

Jensen: But now the final piece of the puzzle. Why was Evelyn's death never considered a murder investigation? Because your family, one of the wealthiest and most influential families in Shanghai, covered it up. But whose silence did they buy? LIMB. Your family's sizable investments in LIMB assured the autopsy performed on Evelyn's body would never see the light of day, and her death would simply fall through the cracks of an already crumbling justice system.

Lee: Fuck this shit, man! And fuck you!

Jensen: I can help you, Lee. But only for a price.

Lee: All right, fuck! I can't believe this shit! I'll pay you, man, I'll pay you. Just, what do you need from me?

Jensen: Details. Let me hear your side of the story and then we'll move on from there.

Lee: I don't, I don't know! Evelyn, that stupid bitch! She was going to ruin me! I didn't mean to kill her, okay? Evelyn wouldn't shut up about us, about the baby, so I hit her. I just wanted to make her shut her stupid mouth but the dumb bitch started freaking out. So I hit her again until I . . . until she finally stopped screaming.

When I realized what I'd done I panicked. She was barely breathing so I carried her to the stairs near my apartment and dropped her. I had to make sure it looked like an accident. I had no choice! She trapped me! She just wanted my money! I would have been ruined!

Jensen: I need to go. We'll be in contact again soon.

Lee: Huh? What? What about the evidence? And the money? Where the fuck you going?

Jensen: Goodbye, Lee.

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