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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Walkthrough - Bar Tab and Guardian Angel (2 of 2)

Check out part 2 of this walkthrough for this action RPG Deus Ex: Human Revolution to complete the side mission "Bar Tab" with this online demo.


Bobby: And I've got it. Jaya is hiding in an apartment building called the Hengsha Court Gardens in the Youzhao district. I'm sending you her coordinates. Get over there and get us the money she owes.

Jaya: Who are you? Another one of Tong's thugs? Well, get out! I told him I won't pay another credit!

Jensen: Look, I know this is not an ideal situation, and I'm not proud I've got to do this. But Tong's crew wants the money you owe them.

Jaya: Oh, you poor boy. Having trouble dealing with the dirty job you have to do? And I should feel sorry for you? Reality check, tax man, you're here to steal money from me!

Jensen: Stealing? They got you the augmentation you needed, and they expect you to pay for it. Not the most charitable thing to do, but I would hardly call it stealing.

Jaya: Are you really that gullible? Tong doesn't run a buy-now, pay-later operation. It's more like a buy-now, pay-forever! Listen, I just started as a broker. Most other brokers come from rich families. They paid for augments that give them an incredible edge in the business. There's no way I could afford anything like that through legal channels.

Jensen: So you cut a deal with a crime syndicate.

Jaya: I didn't study this hard to end up with nothing! Once I made enough money, I offered to pay for the aug. But, no. What they want is part of my monthly profits. They say they're entitled to it since it's their upgraded enhancement chip that help me make that money.

Jensen: How much are they asking from you?

Jaya: A couple hundred credits every month. Doesn't look like much, but in the long run, let's just say they made a very lucrative deal. Especially if you consider I'm not their only "client."

Jensen: How did you meet Tong?

Jaya: The same way most people end up meeting Tong. I was hurt, and one of his hounds smelled blood. They came to me and offered me help. I was intelligent enough to know it was a bad idea, but angry enough not to care.

Jensen: Couldn't you work without the augment? You wouldn't have gotten into so much trouble if you'd played by the rules.

Jaya: Played by the rules? Let me tell you a little story about playing by the rules. I come from a poor family. My father, my mother, my two sisters, and three brothers, none of them ever amounted to much. When I tried to do better, when I made efforts in school, they said I was wasting my time. I got into business school, and again, they said I was wasting my time, that I could never compete with all those rich kids and their tutors and extra classes.

Jensen: But you did.

Jaya: I did. I finished top of my class without the extra help and special attention, only through blood, sweat, and tears. And then what did my classmates do? They cheated. They once again bought their way to success. And what did my family say? That I had wasted my time. I was just supposed to accept defeat after all the efforts I've made? No. No way.

Jensen: Listen, maybe I can speak to one of Tong's men. Try and get you off the hook.

Jaya: You would do that? I thought you were just another one of his mindless thugs. It's hard to properly express what this could mean for me.

Jensen: Don't thank me yet. I can't guarantee they'll listen. But I'll try.

Bobby: What can I get you?

Jensen: Hey, about that job.

Bobby: You found Jaya yet? You need to get back the money she owes us.

Jensen: What's it going to take for you to leave Jaya alone for good?

Bobby: I don't understand. Didn't you get the money?

Jensen: I know about the Shylock scam you're running. Get her the augment she wants and then bleed her with monthly payments for the rest of her life? I want to know what it's going to take for you to leave her alone for good.

Bobby: A cyborg with a heart of gold, are we? Tell you what, gwai lo. You give me a year's worth of payments, and she's free.

Jensen: You're too kind a man. A fine specimen of humanity. Here's your money. Now you better leave her alone.

Bobby: Don't make threats you can't enforce. But, yes, she's off the hook. Here, take this Praxis Kit. It's top notch. So have fun.

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