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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Walkthrough - Rotten Business and The Fall (1 of 3)

Check out part 1 of this walkthrough for this action RPG Deus Ex: Human Revolution to complete the side mission "Rotten Buisness".


Mei: You have changed your mind? Please. Ning needs help. You must save her!

Jensen: You keep referring to "them." Who are they?

Mei: The Hung Hua Hotel used to be independent. In the past, we had a deal with local police for protection. And because we ran a clean and safe business, they looked the other way. But then things changed.

Jensen: What happened?

Mei: Belltower became the police in Lower Hengsha, and they did not care to help us. So a drug lord came in with all his men and took control. Things have never been the same. And we cannot do anything about it.

Jensen: Why do you think Ning has been kidnapped?

Mei: Before, we could always refuse augmentations. But more and more gilrs got them, and it brings more money. Now, they force us to do it. They won't even hire "pure breeds" liek me anymore because they are not as popular.

Jensen: Is Ning one of the pure breeds?

Mei: Yes. Or, well, I hope she still is. They started pushing for her to get augments. She said no even when it gets violent. Now I fear they'll lose patience and will force the operation. Ning is not the first, and she won't be the last.

Jensen: Isn't this a job for the police?

Mei: The police leave Lower Hengsha to Belltower. And Belltower does not care what happens if criminals pay them money. They don't care about my friend or any of the other girls forced into the sex trade.

Jensen: What do you need me to do?

Mei: I heard the girls are drugged and taken somewhere in Daigong District. There, they are held until the doctor comes. I wish you to find this place, to find where they are holding Ning. I hope it's not too late!

Jensen: Okay, I'll help your friend.

Mei: Thank you. I knew I was right about you, Mr. . . . ?

Jensen: Jensen.

Mei: Mr. Jensen. I fear there's little time. You must find Ning before they leash her with augments.

Jensen: Leash her?

Mei: Yes. They call it that. They leash their girls with augments to keep them under control by supplying Neuropozyne. I do not know where they keep Ning. Just that it is somewhere in Daigong District.

Jensen: A specific location would help.

Mei: I told you. I do not have one! But there is a bouncer here--Chuanli. He works with these people. He will know where Ning is. He goes to the roof to some often. Look for him there. You might be able to convince him to reveal the place.

Jensen: Anything else you can give me?

Mei: Yes. The men holding Ning, they most likely work with local Triad gang here, the Harvesters. If you look for some of them around, maybe you'll find Ning better.

Jensen: Got it.

Chuanli: Shove off before I shove you off.

Jensen: I'm here to see you.

Chuanli: Uh-huh, what about?

Jensen: Ning.

Chuanli: Open a phone book. Plenty of them in there.

Jensen: Your friends are holding her. I can make it worth your while if you tell me where.

Chuanli: Worth my while? Yeah, maybe. Let's see some credits first, tough guy, and then maybe I'll tell you where to find her.

Jensen: Here. Now, where's Ning?

Chuanli: Okay, but you never heard this from me. They're hoding her on a small sidestreet just off the open gutter in the Daigong District. But they'll probably have a couple of guys there watching her.

Man: You're in the wrong part of town, laowai. Go back!

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