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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Walkthrough - Smash the State and Lucky Guess (1 of 2)

Check out part 1 of this walkthrough for this action RPG Deus Ex: Human Revolution to complete the side mission "Smash the State".


Nicholas: Jensen? I almost didn't recognize you! Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, what are the chances! Do you remember me? I was a rookie when you still rolled in SWAT!

Jensen: Nicky. Of course, I remember you. How you been? The brass got you on riot control too?

Nicholas: Yeah, yeah, I am. Or I was until . . . Damn it, look, something big is going down, and I'm kind of freaking out here. Remember that MCBer Jacob White? You busted him a couple of times.

Jensen: Yeah, I remember him. Assault and possession. He still running rackets?

Nicholas: No, no, I mean, yeah. Shit, I don't know! Anyway, it doesn't matter because he's moved on to bigger things!

Jensen: Nicky, slow down.

Nicholas: Listen, hear me out! Just got word he has his hands on some real military-grade explosives. The prick's got a fucking bomb, Adam! And you know how much he hates the PD! He's going to hit us while we have our pants down with the riots. You've got to help us out here!

Jensen: Nicky, I'm kind of busy. If he's got a bomb, just call it in and follow procedure.

Nicholas: What do you think I've been doing? I've been on the horn all night, and my CO already sent a patrol over to Jacob's house. We've got a warrant so they searched the place, but nothing came up, not even Jacob. Now, they're saying my CI is probably full of shit and just fucking with me. Bullshit! Jacob's using the riots as cover, and he's going to hit us and hit us hard. Adam, I need you to trust me on this. You've got to help me find Jacob!

Jensen: How did White even manage to get his hands on explosives?

Nicholas: My source says he got the bomb materials from some government stash out in Highland Park. It's all I know so far. But it all fits. He was last seen ranting at a rally about "shattering the foundation of the hypocrisy" or some bullshit like that. You know, quoting Che Guevara and talking about violent revolution.

Jensen: Did he have the shirt too?

Nicholas: What? Anyway, he practically named the date and time of this "reckoning," and it's tonight. It has to be!

Jensen: I have to admit, Nicky. I'm having a hard time believing White could come up with something like this. He can barely tie his own shoelaces without tripping all over himself.

Nicholas: That was then. This is now. After his last stint in Standish, he got bug-eyed crazy, started talking about how the gang war in Derelict Row is all a part of a government plot, and it's time he did something about it.

Jensen: I remember him saying that augmented kid we took down last year was a cover-up.

Nicholas: Exactly! And he's been railing against Wayne Haas, the PD, and anyone else involved in that ever since. I'm telling you, Adam, he's been getting more and more violent. Now, he's got explosives, and we've got a giant bullseye painted on our ass!

Jensen: So why is it nobody trusts your source?

Nicholas: He used to run with White's old crew, but he's a three-strike perp facing a dime on some damn parole violation. He's trying to cop a deal, so nobody trusts him. Thing is, I know he's reliable. He hasn't bullshited me yet. And I don't think he's doing it.

Jensen: Fine, I'll help. Let's go over what we know, just the facts.

Nicholas: What we know? Just the facts? What we know is he's certified batshit crazy, hates cops, quotes Che Guevara, and got his hands on military-grade explosives! What more do you need to know? Christ, man! I've got nobody to help me and I can't even breathe. How am I supposed to find this guy! The bomb could be right under us, right now!

Jensen: Nicky, relax. Keep it together.

Nicholas: I'm trying, Adam! I don't think I'm cut out for this kind of stuff! People could die! We could die!

Jensen: Just focus, okay? We know that White hates cops, so his first target is probably going to be the precinct or somewhere nearby. Make sense?

Nicholas: Yeah, okay. But it could be anywhere. He wouldn't risk going into the precinct. Too many people would recognize him. That leaves the transit station, the sewers, and the alleys around the precinct. I need to stay here and report any leads to my CO. Can you check those locations for Jacob or his bomb?

Jensen: No problem. Anything else you can give me?

Nicholas: I don't know. You remember what White looks like, right? Tall, Caucasian, skinhead? He's not the quietest guy, so you'll probably hear him before you see him.

Jensen: Yeah, a real philosopher king. I remember.

Nicholas: Yeah, so if you just keep your eyes and ears open, I'm sure you'll find him. Also, I heard he's had some major augmentation work done. I'd be extra careful around him. I think the White we used to know has been replaced with something much worse.

Jensen: Got it.

Nicholas: I know it's a long shot, but I'm hoping we get backup to expand the search in the meantime, we can check those areas.And who knows, maybe we'll catch a break. And, Jensen, please don't turn him into a martyr. I'd prefer him breathing.

Woman 1: I thought the police overreacted.

Woman 2: They tripped me from behind and stripped me of my purse.

Cop 1: Were there any witnesses?

Cop 2: Sorry, but we've diverted all the trans. There are no more coming to this station.

Cop 3: Bomb, you little shit!

Man: Wasn't me, man!

Cop 3: You stay right there until the wagon gets here.

Cop 4: It's just embarrassing, really. It's like anyone can walk into the precinct.

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