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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Walkthrough - Smash the State and Lucky Guess (2 of 2)

Check out part 2 of this walkthrough for this action RPG Deus Ex: Human Revolution to complete the side mission "Smash the State".


Man: It's just embarrassing, really. It's like anyone can walk into the precinct...

Computer: Access granted.

Officer Nicholas: I really appreciate you helping us out, Adam, but we're running out of time! We got to find White before he blows something up.

Adam: We're in the clear. I left White unconscious in the sewers under the precinct.

Officer Nicholas: Thank God. The chief finally took me seriously and is sending some men to help out. We'll take it from here.

Adam: Great. Anything else?

Officer Nicholas: Oh, and it isn't much, but take this. The cops have a deadpool going. I don't like it but you takedown a cop-killer and you get a bounty, that sort of thing. I usually reserve this to pay off our C.I.s, but I think you earned it. I threw in a little something extra for bringing him in alive. It's good to know you're still one of the goods guys, Jensen.

Adam: By the way, Nicky, White's bomb wasn't even explosive. It was a gas bomb. I managed to disable it, but you might want to get a disposal team down there to do a proper sweep and clean.

Officer Nicholas: Aw shit! I totally forgot about that! I'll get EOD on it right away. last thing we need are more casualties. Man, I'm sure glad I bumped into you tonight. You're going to have to let me buy you a pint down at Maggie's sometime. If I hang around you long enough, maybe some of that famous Jensen swagger will rub off on me!

Adam: Yeah, we'll do that sometime. Take care of yourself, Nicky.

Officer Nicholas: NORA-92 to Central. Come in, Central, over.

Central: NORA-92, this is Central, over.

Officer Nicholas: That Code-10 called in earlier, it's actually gas ordnance. We need EOD down there for cleanup, stat. Tell First Response to keep their hands off, and we should quarantine the block just to be sure. Over.

Central: 10-4, NORA-92. Thanks for the heads up. Stand-by for updates. Central out.

Officer Nicholas: Thanks for trusting me, Jensen. I wont forget it.

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