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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Walkthrough - Talion A.D. Acheivement (1 of 3)

Check out part 1 of this walkthrough for this action RPG Deus Ex: Human Revolution to complete the side mission "Corporate Warfare".


Eliza: ...Tai Yong Medical is scrambling to produce enough new and improved biochips to meet the expected demand.

Dr. Hui: Sir? Sir? Could I borrow a minute of your time? I am not mistaken, you are Mr. Jensen, right?

Adam: That depends. Who's asking?

Dr. Hui: I am sorry, Mr. Jensen. I am being impolite. My name is Wing Hui. I am a doctor here.

Adam: I can see that. What I really meant to ask is how do you know who I am?

Dr. Hui: Yes, yes, of course. Excuse me for I am a bit nervous. Beltower agents were here a while ago, looking for a man who fits your description. When I heard what they were saying of you, it occurred to me that you might be exactly the person I need.

Adam: Are you trying to blackmail me, Doc?

Dr. Hui: No! No, of course not! I assure you, Mr. Jensen. No one in this clinic would dare to turn you over to the police. LIMB has very strict rules about patient confidentiality, especially if those patients belong to our Partnership Program.

Adam: Glad to hear it. So what's this all about, then?

Dr. Hui: I'm afraid I won't be able to go into very much details. Not before I know you are really willing to help. But I need someone to help me to stop a very dangerous augmented soldier, and possibly his squad mates. If everything Beltower said of you is true, then you would seem the good fit for this job.

Adam: Fine, I'll do it. Just tell me more.

Dr. Hui: Thank you. Now please, understand that I am to give you sensitive information on multiple parties.

Adam: I understand, Doc. You can count on my discretion.

Dr. Hui: I appreciate it, Mr. Jensen. Obviously you are familiar with Beltower and the role they have in this city. What you may not be familiar with, however, is the fact that sometimes they contract LIMB doctors, like myself, to work in private clinics on special projects.

Adam: What kind of special projects?

Dr. Hui: What you Americans call Black Operations. Beltower selects some of their best soldiers and make the to be super augmented, with experimental, top secret hardware.

Adam: Not to sound too jaded, Doc. But none of that comes as a big surprise. Stuff like that's been going on for years.

Dr. Hui: Yes. Your government and mine have both been guilty of this practice, I am sure. But Beltower is not a government. They are a private corporation. A private army, on sale to the highest bidder.

Adam: Is this about stopping Beltower then? Because as much as I might hate them right now, I'm only one man.

Dr. Hui: No, no. It is not all of Beltower I need help with. It is just one of their covert operatives. A man named Michael Zelazny. He was implanted with experimental hardware, and to an extent that is way beyond legal regulations. I am ashamed to say I have operated on him myself. And he has been used in countless secret operations. For the Chinese and others.

Adam: Sounds like the type of man you don't want to see going out of control.

Dr. Hui: Precisely. Yet, about a month ago, I have heard rumors that Mr. Zelazny and part of his unit had gone rogue. And two weeks later, a city official was killed in a perfectly staged operation. I am certain it was them. And then, a few days ago, Mr. Zelazny contacted me himself. He needed urgent help with one of his squad mate's augmentation.

Adam: I take it you said you would help?

Dr. Hui: They sent me to the backstore of a meat shop near Pandeng Road, in the Youzhao District. There, I performed emergency repairs on one of the agents' augs, a servo replacement. I believe this backstore is their hideout, Mr. Jensen. You must go there and make Mr. Zelazny hear reason.

Adam: Yeah. I mean, what are super-augmented killing machines known for, if not their unmatched love for dialogue? I'm sure nothing could go wrong.

Dr. Hui: Do not be too eager to dismiss the possibility of speaking to him, Mr. Jensen. Mr. Zelazny is a soldier, not a maniac. Your own unique situation will no doubt resonate with him. But if things do turn sour, and he must be terminated, I think you are a good candidate to get it done, or at least survive.

Man 1: [foreign language]

Man 2: You! Last warning! Leave or I'll shoot!

Man 3: Maybe if some of those people had lost an arm in a work...

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