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Max Payne 3 Walkthrough Part 2 Chapter 1 - Introduction

Check out part 2 and shoot up Brazil in this walkthrough of Rockstar Games' new drug fueled shooter, Max Payne 3.


Max: It's time to choose, the nasty fall or a bullet to the head.

Man 1: [foreign language]

Woman: Ahhh!

Max: That was the boss lady. Only this time she wasn't calling for more liquor in her cocktail.

Man 2: Don't be stupid! Don't be stupid!

Raul: Let her go! Let her go! Come on!

Max: It might have been stupidity, drunkenness, or maybe both. But before I knew it I was back taking insane risks, trying to save fallen women.

Man 2: [foreign language]

Raul: Nice work. Hey, you need a hand?

Max: No, do you? Where the hell is Rodrigo?

Raul: I don't know, man. Thanks.

Max: Somebody's got to go and find him.

Man 2: [foreign language]

Max: I imagined the elevator doors opening to a firing squad of muzzles. Far as I could see it, the one thing my plan had going was that no-one else would be stupid enough to pull this move. What have you done with him?!

Man 3: [foreign language]

Max: Dragging Branco along would slow them down, but not much.

Man 4: [foreign language]

Max: It looked like they were taking him out through the basement. Maybe I still had a shot. Rodrigo was too rich a prize for them to throw away. Sure, I'd have to work hard to get him back, but I knew the bad guys would want the boss alive. Almost as much as I did.

Man 5: [foreign language]

The great thing about being famous as well as rich is the bad guys know who to kidnap.

Max: The control box was on the wall to the left of the gate. They were waiting in my... The great thing about being famous as well as rich is the bad guys know who to kidnap. Another parking lot raveling with gunfire. Was I too late?

Man 6: [foreign language]

Rodrigo: No!

Max: Rodrigo! It's going to be all right, Mr. Branco. Everything is okay. You're okay. You're okay. Come on, get up. Come on, get up. You're okay. Come with me. It's okay.

Man 7: [foreign language]

Man 2: [foreign language]

Man 7: [foreign language]

Man 2: [foreign language]

Man 7: [foreign language]

Raul: Fuck! You did good, Max.

Max: If you say so. It don't look so good.

Raul: Hey, what could be better, huh? The good guys are reunited and the Comando Sombra are dead.

Max: I guess. So, who's this guy?

Raul: I don't know. Some kind of cop. Different branch of the police. Not UFE, but normal cops. I don't know about the staff, politics. Everywhere politics. Shit, Max, you look kind of beat up. Let's get this lot home and I'll get you home too, come on.

Man 7: [foreign language]

Max: Back home, it was time for same R and R, the only way I knew how. And with that, I guess I was ready for bed.

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