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Max Payne 3 Walkthrough Part 3 - Chapter 2

Check out part 3 and shoot up Brazil in this walkthrough of Rockstar Games' new drug fueled shooter, Max Payne 3.


Max: A couple of days later, it was back to work, ferrying the boss's broad and his dipshit of a brother out for the night so they could recover from their brush with mortality. Then again what did I expect? These were the kind of people who went to nightclubs in helicopters. Fabiana had brought her sister along, presumably so she could show off just how rich and empty her life was. And boy, was she about to learn the meaning of rich and empty.

Marcel: Max. Max, I was speaking to you.

Max: Sorry, what was that?

Marcel: I was saying, we get into a lot of scrapes, man.

Max: Well, we're still here.

Marcel: Ay!

Giovanna: Thanks to you, Max. I owe you my life.

Marcel: It wasn't just him, huh, baby?

Fabiana: Oh, yes, Marcel. I'm sure you did a lot to save everyone. You were probably worried about getting blood on your stash. [laughter]

Marcel: No, that's funny.

Fabiana: Thank you, Max. I don't know what I would do without my sister.

Giovanna: Mm. Spend even more time doing something useful. You know she works in the favela. She's the good sister.

Fabiana: Oh, shut up. Did you hear, Faba? More bodies turned up. Four people went missing. Well, it's horrifying.

Marcel: Did someone say buzzkill?

Fabiana: Hey.

Marcel: I'm just kidding. But it is a cruel town, man. Hey, here we are. [laughter] [foreign language] I love this place. It's like [inaudible 00:08:02], that's what I love about it. I love this view. It's a real chill place to hang, you know? Do some business, have some fun. I need it, too. I've been working far too hard. Like a whore during fleet week, as my roommate used to say. [laughs] You like that, Max?

Max: That's pretty funny.

Marcel: Look, it's Alfonse . . .

Alfonse: Marcel! A fucking honor! We still love you! [foreign language] I'm glad you are still with us. Cuz I heard what happened.

I missed you. I would have called but you know how it is. Didn't want to bother you. And Marcel, Marcel. I think I might have an interesting investment for your brother.

Marcel: Well, called him up, homie.

Alfonse: I haven't seen him for a while. Last week, a special week. [foreign language] You know Anastasia?

Marcel: Oh, yeah, I know Ana.

Alfonse: Your table. Nothing but the best.

Marcel: Nothing but the second best. Why can't we sit over there, man?

Alfonse: Oh, I love you but Claudio booked in advance.

Marcel: Claudio? Fucking Claudio. He isn't even any good. He's good but is he in Barcelona or Milan? He couldn't even make it in Germany. Now he comes back here and it's fucking royalty?

Alfonse: I'll introduce you.

Marcel: Nah. [foreign language] Just give me a bottle of champagne, eh?

Max: This kind of place made me want to puke. I needed a real drink to deal with the electronic music and the robotic people.

Marcel: Fucking monkey from a fucking slum. He acts cool with me?

Max: What's that?

Marcel: Nothing. Say, Max, you're a man of the world. What are you fucking doing, man?

Max: About what?

Marcel: What do you do about life?

Max: Look at me, I'm standing in a nightclub, listening to music I can't stand, I'm 5000 miles from home, I'm armed and I'm drinking. You don't want to listen to advice from me, amigo.

Marcel: Oh, Max, I love you, man. You're fucking real, you know? Oh, shit. People. Fuck them. People can be wrong. I think, I think I love the wrong woman. Excuse me. Claudio! Claudio!

Claudio: [laughter] My nigga! How are you? [foreign language]

Max: Thank God he had left. A minute more of his drivel and I would've had to put a bullet in him myself. It soon turned out, I wasn't the only one. [foreign language] I hadn't seen it coming, but that was no surprise. It's hard to keep your eye on the ball through the bottom of a glass. I just hoped I could get to Fabiana and Giovana in time.

The doors had been chained shut. I didn't need my Portuguese for Beginners phrase book to figure out what was going on. The guy making the noise was the boss. He was sending them around to cut me off from the other side. And sure enough, a few seconds later I had some company on the dance floor.

[foreign language]

Man 1: [inaudible 00:08:24] How's it going, bro?

Max: It's not good. Some guys took Giovanna and Fabiana.

Man 1: What? Jesus, Max. I'm on my way.

Max: No, no, no. Stay in the chopper. We'll need a way out of here. I'll go find the girls.

Alfonse: They came out of there. They went that way, into the lounge.

Max: Come here. Get up here, get up. You can't stay here. I need you to lock this door behind me. Get everybody else out of here.
[foreign language] Son of a bitch. [foreign language]

It looked loud and expensive enough to be Fabiana's. Her fashion sense didn't leave a lot of room for imagination, let alone food. The girl sure knew how to draw the eye. And maybe that was the problem. But at least I was heading in the right direction.

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