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Max Payne 3 Walkthrough Part 5 - Chapter 2

Check out part 5 and shoot up Brazil in this walkthrough of Rockstar Games' new drug fueled shooter, Max Payne 3.


Max: The odds on Giovanna still being alive were getting worse by the second. And if Fabiana wasn't dead already, I was guessing pretty soon she'd start wishing she was. I was up for one God-awful performance review. This was a mess. Where the hell was Passos?

It was Giovanna's necklace. Now I just have to find the rest of her. Giovanna! Giovanna!

Giovanna: Max, over here! What's happening? Where were you?

Max: Are you all right?

Giovanna: Do I look all right?

Max: Don't worry, we're going to get you out of here.

Giovanna: Passos...Crazy...Is he okay?

Max: We're going to make a quick detour, he's fine. He's right there.

Giovanna: Oh my God! It's Raul! Raul!

Max: Giovanna! What the hell are you doing?

Man 1: Giovanna!

Man 2: Hey! Nothing, go.

Max: Seems like I wasn't the only guy around here who had taken his eye off the ball.

Man 1: You okay?

Max: My weakness was the drink. Past those was the sister. Things were turning pretty ugly in this town.The boss's girl was gone, and part of me wished I was too.

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