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Max Payne 3 Walkthrough Part 11 - Chapter 4

Check out part 11 and shoot up Brazil in this walkthrough of Rockstar Games' new drug fueled shooter, Max Payne 3.


Max: I'd been sitting at the bar for three hours. Or about five years, depending on how you looked at things. I tried not to look at things. I tried not to think about when it was that my existence became less about the things that make up people's lives and more about the holes that losing those things leave behind. And I wasn't doing a very good job at it.

Man 1: Ho, where's the women?

Man 2: Come on, I need to get laid, baby. Yeah!

Man 3: Put the music on! We're here!

Max: These pricks had been annoying me for days. They were typical Jersey rich kids. The ringleader, I think his name was Tony, his dad was some well-known hood. Drug dealer. Racketeer. Pillar of the New Jersey community.

Man 2: Line them up, line them up.

Tony: Hey, let me ask you a question.

Man 3: Let's go.

Tony: Where the fuck are your doughnuts? [laughter]

Max: This kid had a well-developed sense of humor. For New Jersey.

Tony: Seriously. I thought I told you to get out of here, old man.

Man 2: Yeah, old man!

Man 3: Get out of here, old man!

Max: Nice echo. Your gorillas have personalities of their own or they just agree with everything you say?

Tony: Very funny, old man. Very fucking funny.

Man 2: He's snapping it up, snapping it up.

Man 3: This guy's hilarious!

Tony: Yeah, a has been, washed-up old cop should go on TV. Tell some jokes about how you got your wife killed or some shit.

Man 2: Yeah, where is the little old lady?

Tony: Or how you got involved with killers. I own this town, amigo.

Max: That's a good line. You practice that in front of the mirror in your underwear? Your father owns this town. Yet, dear old dad. Well-known drug dealer and murderer. You're nothing but a chump.

Tony: You will not disrespect my family. You ain't got the right.

Man 2: Hey, don't take that from this punk , Tony.

Tony: I ain't taking nothing from him God hasn't already deprived him of. But I might start. Any time. Now say you're sorry.

Man 2: Get him! Say you're sorry.

Tony: Fucking has been cop motherfucker. Say you are sorry.

Man 3: Say you're fucking sorry, you fucking cop.

Tony: Look away from me, look away from me. Don't you stare at me. Say you're sorry.

Man 2: Listen to him!

Max: Which you want first?

Tony: Don't act clever, you fucking leather jacket dipshit cop cunt! Don't act clever! I will blow your brains all over this counter every-fucking-where!

Man 2: Fuck this motherfucker!

Marty: Come on, Tony. Calm the fuck down.

Tony: Don't fuck with me, Marty. I'll shoot you as well. Don't fuck with me.

Man 2: Marty! Marty, he ain't fucking kidding. Shut the fuck up!

Man 4: Put the gun down, son.

Man 2: Who the fuck is this?

Tony: Oh.Who the hell?

Raul: Put the gun down. Now.

Man 2: Whoa! Oh, oh, oh . . .

Man 3: Hey, hey, hey!

Raul: Thank you, thank you.

Man 2: Get away from me.

Raul: Now get the fuck out of here before one of you gets shot.

Man 2: I got you. Who the fuck are you?

Man 3: I got you right between the eyes.

Raul: Don't worry about it.

Man 2: Huh, you spick fuck.

Tony: I'm going to remember your face.

Man 3: We're coming back for you, you fuck.

Raul: I look forward to it.

Man 3: I got your face. We'll be back.

Man 2: Stay right here! Stay right here!

Tony: You don't know who you're fucking with.

Raul: Yeah, whatever. Max fucking Payne! How you doing, man?

Max: I'm doing about as good as I look.

Raul: You don't remember me? Passos. Raul Passos. Come on, we went to the academy together, man. You don't remember?

Max: That's going back a long way, friend.

Raul: I spent five years on the beat in the Bronx. Fucking homicide. I nearly got killed, man. I gave up. I got into private work. Here, Central America. Brazil, where my family comes from. All over.

Max: That's great. Travel, see the world.

Raul: Yeah. Keeps me busy. I take care of people, you know? Proper body guarding. Hey, I'm working for a good firm. I'm actually here on a bit of a recruitment drive.

Max: Yeah, well. Why don't you drive on off back into the sunset there, Pesos. It's been nice catching up.

Raul: At least let me buy you a drink.

Max: Yeah, sure. Anybody can buy me a drink.

Raul: All right. Two more.

You know this is the way we do it in Brazil, baby.

Max: I had to admit, I kind of liked the guy.

Raul: Come on. Hey, another round! Another round! Max is buying. He owes me.

Max: He had a great set of stories. But I still wasn't interested in becoming a white knight again.

Raul: [foreign language]

Woman: Cheers.

Raul: What, I don't look like that good a Shakespeare or something?

Max: Ba-dum-bum.

Tony: Let's go. Get in there. [foreign language]

Woman: [foreign language] Cheers!

Tony: You faggots still got something to say to me?

Raul: Yeah. Fuck off.

Tony: I don't like spicks who tell me to fuck off.

Raul: Well, good for you. Now fuck off!

Tony: Don't stare at me, whore.

Woman: Fuck you, asshole! No dick asshole!

Tony: What'd you say?

Woman: You heard me. I'm not frightened of you, you spray-tan Guido douche.

Max: Girl sure had balls. I had to give her that.

Man 2: Oh, shit!

Man 3: Tony!

Max: I don't know why I did it. I guess I never liked seeing girls get hit. But from that moment, I was dead in that town.

Raul: Hey, I'm moving!

Woman: Yo, dick Guido douchebag! I hope you all die!

Man 2: Keep your head down!

Man 3: Take cover!

Man 2: Oh, shit!

Man 5: I know you brought a fucking army down here. But there ain't much left of it.

Man 6: Shit!

Man 8: Jesus!

Raul: I'd like to see you handle that thing sober!

Max: You're alone on that one. I'm still hoping I won't remember this tomorrow.

Time to see what's waiting outside for us.

Raul: Well, it ain't going to be a warm cup of milk and a blow job.

Man 3: This is fucked. It's fucked!

Man 9: We're cool.

Man 8: We are not cool.

Man 7: You ain't going to be cool in a second.

Man 9: It stopped. I told you it would stop. We're fine.

Man 8: What you mean, we're fine? Come on, we are not fine. What's the boss going to say when he finds out we were out here jerking off when it's Chinese fucking New Year in there?

Man 7: Those were the orders. It takes a few bullets to drop a cop.

Man 8: Yeah. It does take a few bullets. Fuck!

Man 7: Lay down. Take your chances.

Max: So it seems.

Raul : Hey, I said we're okay to go. We're friends now.

Man 8: You really pissed me off!

Raul: I ain't waiting to see who else shows up. Come on.

Max: I thought about saying, the cops. But this was no time for bad jokes.

They ain't going to make this easy for us, are they?

Raul: Stay over here. Cover me.

Max: Yes, sir.

He could've been setting me up for a fall. But something told me to stay put and trust him.

Man 12: Kill them all!

Man 14: He's over here. Take that!

Man 13: He's right there!

Man 16: Fuck his ass!

Hey, And how you doing down thereNames and them doing the ?

Max: And there he was. Back in amongst it, to help me out of a jam.

Man 7: Hey, how you doing down there?

Man 9: You and me, shithead.

Man 8: Cover me, you idiot.

Man 9: I got you, move up!

Man 10: Up here!

Max: You all right?

Raul: Yeah.

Max: I'm all right. I'm good. I live right around the corner. Let's go this way.

Raul: Let's go, man.

Max: The bar was right around the corner from my apartment. It only took a few minutes to get back.

Raul: Nice place you got here, homie.

Max: Thanks for noticing.

Raul: Why you living like this?

Max: Like what?

Raul: You know, scratching around. Sitting in bars all day.

Max: Maybe I just haven't founf the right guy to put a bullet through my head yet. Just don't know.

Raul: I can get you work, Max. Work that only a guy like you can do.

Max: Can you get me work sitting in a bar feeling sorry for myself? Where do I sign up?

Raul: [foreign language]

Max: Gesundheit.

Raul: You were the best guy in the academy. And you won medals on the street.

Max: Hey, I lost loved ones on the street. All right? Family. More than once.

Raul: Yeah, I know. So leave. Start over. You've mourned enough.

Max: No. I ain't a cop no more.

Raul: And this ain't cop work. This is protecting people in places where the cops aint too hot.

Max: No thanks, pal. I think I just better lay low for a while.

Man 15: You, I want on the roof. You, I want on every doorway. And you guys, I want every fucking corner covered.

Raul: About that plan . . .

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