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Max Payne 3 Walkthrough Part 21 - Chapter 6

Check out part 21 and shoot up Brazil in this walkthrough of Rockstar Games' new drug fueled shooter, Max Payne 3.


Max: Only blind luck had meant the blast wasn't fatal. If I had been out any longer the smoke would have gotten me. Perfect. If I wasn't immolated I was going to get crushed to death. Look at me. I've been contracted to protect two people. One was being held in some hole. The other was sitting in his desk with a bullet in his head. And the company that had its logo on my paycheck was melting on top of my head. There's no way one bomb could of done all this unless the place was made of gasoline. This whole joint must of been rigged. The kid hadn't made it. Fuck! I had to make this corpse looting coward pay. Getting his gun was more than just expediency. No one would be rebooting his system. Poor bastard. Rodrigo or not, Fabragas Branco was falling apart quite literally.

Despite his manners I'd done him a favor. This didn't look like a room where Rodrigo closed multi-million dollar deals. It looked like a fiery hell hole. The only way out was to use that filing cabinet. Don't die here. Move. So much for a lazy Sunday afternoon. My next trick would be high wire act with a fiery pit for a safety net. It was nice that no one was shooting at me for a change, but I'd take shot in the head over a slow roast on a spit any day of the goddamn week. Someone up ahead was hurt pretty bad. If he didn't die before I got to him I might get some answers.

Hey, why? Why Rodrigo Branco?

Man: Why? What?

Max: Why did you come to kill Rodrigo Branco?

Man: We came to kill you. Because of what you did to us. You killed so many of us.

Max: What reason did this poor bastard have to lie? He would be dead from shock or loss of blood in half an hour. Even if I didn't leave him there to burn. Where's Fabiana?

Man: What?

Max: Fabiana Branco, where is she?

Man: Comando Sombra got her up the hill.

Max: Then it was up the hill for me I guess where the gang held sway. I had to try to figure out who was using these angry para-military clowns as some kind of front to kill Rodrigo. I was a mess. Rodrigo Branco was dead. Fabiana was held hostage. I had no idea who was behind any of this. I felt like a fool. I was a sweaty, gray-haired mess. This place, well this place was going to kill me too. I could see that now. I decided that I was going to die sober, not drunk. At least then I would see who shot me. It was time to take back control from whoever was out to get me. If I didn't flush them out at least my midlife crisis would confuse them enough so they did something stupid. It was the only hope I had. I knew I wasn't thinking straight. I've been drinking and popping pain killers for years. I had a liver like a french goose and skin like red leather.

Well, it wasn't perfect. In fact it wasn't much good at all but it was going to have to do. At least I was facing in the right direction.

Victor: Hello.

Max: Hello, Victor.

Victor: Max? Max, you're alive?

Max: Of course I'm alive.

Victor: We did not know this. We are lost, Max. Our brother was everything to us.

Max: I understand. Listen, I'm sorry about your loss. Both of you. Rodrigo was a good man. I failed him but I was tricked.

Victor: What happened, Max?

Max: I don't know. Some guys from the crush apredo came into the building downstairs so while me and the security guard were dealing with them an assassin must of come in and executed your brother. At least that's how I think it happened.

Marcelo: You accusing Boja. You killed my brother!

Max: What are you talking about? I understand your upset but please, why the hell would I do that?

Marcelo: To get his money! To take his money!

Max: How am I getting his money? Marcelo, please think I work my ass off for your family. I saved your life twice or more. Right now I'm going to get Fabiana.

Marcelo: Where is she? Where is Fabiana?

Max: She's in a place called Nova Esperanca.

Victor: How do you know this, Max?

Max: One of the crush apredo told me just before he died.

Victor: Please, bring our sister-in-law back to us, Max. Our family is being torn apart.

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