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Max Payne 3 Walkthrough Part 28 - Chapter 8

Check out part 28 and shoot up Brazil in this walkthrough of Rockstar Games' new drug fueled shooter, Max Payne 3.


Thug: I got someone. I think it's the hit, that Max Payne. The other guy might be here as well. Where you at?

Thug two: Over by that circular thing.

[inaudible 00:00:14]

Thug: Just go for it!

Shoot him!

[inaudible 00:00:18]

Thug two: Can you just--

Thug: I got his [inaudible 00:00:40]

Max: They didn't have much of a reason to keep Passos alive, whoever the authority was.

Thug: Be cool. Hey, be cool.

Thug two: Don't tell me to be cool. You Max Payne? Very fucking funny.

Cop: [inaudible 00:01:15]

Thug two: You're Max Payne. I thought he was fucking Max Payne.

Max: Confusing, huh?

Thug two: You make one more move, and this guy, whoever the fuck he is, is going to get fucking dead! Look man, give yourself up, and DeMarco might have a change of conscience, huh? Might grant you one last reprievement. Hey, no reprievement is going to be found otherwise.

Max: I don't even know who he is.

Thug two: I'm going to kill him!

Cop: Somebody help me, okay?

Thug: [inaudible 00:01:51] say my goodbye's. Let's get out of here!
Let's go! [inaudible 00:02:05]

Thug: [Inaudible 00:02:11]

Thug: Show me you're okay, bro. [inaudible 00:02:25]

Thug: You got my [inaudible 00:02:37] man!

Cemetary worker: Holy shit! What the hell is going on here?

Cop: Don't worry about it. Just get out of here, okay?

Cemetary worker: Sounds like a fucking war's going on!

Cop: Calm down! [inaudible 00:03:02]

Max: Some poor bastard, quite literally, on the graveyard shift, must have been wondering why there were suddenly more bodies above ground than below.

Sniper: Hey you!

Cop: Sniper! Shit!

Max: All I can hope for is that he didn't even hear the shot that killed him.

Cop: Get down! Shot came from the top of the mausoleum, up in the tower!

Max: This is the only way through!

Cop: If I [inaudible 00:03:30], can you move up on him?

Max: That's anyone's guess.

Cop: Hey, asshole! Don't let them draw you out!

Max: Yo, a little cover over here, all right!

Thugs: [inaudible 00:03:50]

Cop: You okay?

Max: Sure. Right up to the moment my head gets blown off.

Cop: We're going to move again. I'll give you cover. Wait on me! Go! Get the gravestone! Be careful, man!

Thugs: [inaudible 00:04:25]

Cop: Okay, I'm going to cover you again. See if you can flank him. Get a shot!

Max: Run! Duck! Flank! Easy orders to give when you're way behind the front line!

Cop: Window's coming up!

Max: Great!

Cop: Move out! [inaudible 00:04:50]

Thug: You're dead meat, sucker!

Cop: Get under cover, you idiot! Don't go up the stairs! [inaudible 00:05:13] Jump the stairs!

Max: We'd come in here to hide, not very successfully, as things turned out.

Bald Thug: Freeze!

Cop: As opposed to what, disco dance?

Bald Thug: Shut the fuck up, Halfcast[SP]! Turn around! Turn around! Move! Move!

Ponytail Thug: Hold it! That way, you fucking jokers. Move!

Max: Where we going?

Cop: Hey!

Max: Peace.

Crime boss: You killed my son. You killed my fucking son. My boy. My only son.

Max: Listen, I'm sorry.

Crime boss: Fuck you!

Cop: I'm sorry for your loss, but your son was killed in gun battle. A battle he started.

Crime boss: Shut your fucking mouth! Jump! Jump! Jump! Fuck you! You killed my son! You fucking spic!

Cop: Oh, fuck! Ah!

Crime boss: You killed my son! Dig! Now!

Max: I have to admit, I almost felt bad for the guy.

Ponytail thug: Dig!

Max: Sure, he had lived a bad life, but I, of all people, knew that living with his grief would be payment enough for any sins. Still, perhaps, not so bad that I was prepared to dig my own grave, and let these goombahs[SP] kill me without even getting some dirt on their hands.

Ponytail thug: Your body ain't gonna bury itself! Dig motherfucker!

Max: I didn't want to tell the guy there were 45 other bodies in the cemetery that weren't receiving their Christian rites. I figured the gravedigger act would buy us some time.

Ponytail thug: I'm getting tired, just watching you.

Cop: Who you calling? Now die!

Max: You all right?

Cop: Yeah. I'm fine.

Max: All right. Follow me.

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