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Max Payne 3 Walkthrough Part 39 - Chapter 11

Check out part 39 and shoot up Brazil in this walkthrough of Rockstar Games' new drug fueled shooter, Max Payne 3.


[Portuguese dialogue 00:00:06]

Max: Fancy seeing you here. That looked like the way up, but it was locked. I had to find a switch.

[Portuguese dialogue 00:01:10]

Max: I blocked out all my questions. All I thought about was getting to Daphne Bernstein before it was too late.

Jesus Christ!

Passos: Fuck, man! This is brutal! I didn't think things would be like this.

Max: I should have jumped in the goddamn canal myself, and swum my way back to New York.

Wilson: Let me ask you again, Max, What do you think you are really doing in Panama?

Max: I was drinking.

Wilson: People died. Innocent people. Who do you think robbed you?

Max: I don't know. I was told it was people who disliked Daphne Bernstein. Something about an unpleasant divorce.

Wilson: Her ex-husband worked on Wall Street. Do you think he has easy access to Panamanian death squads?

Max: Guess I didn't really think about it.

Wilson: You were smuggling something, weren't you?

Max: No. No. No! I mean I didn't realize it at the time. I didn't think too much about it, but yes, Marcelo did drive off with something. I don't know what. I didn't see him until we got to Brazil a week or so later.

Wilson: I think it was money. I think Marcelo and Victor have a friendly banker there in Panama. Your little cruise was to deliver the cash to him, because there it's easier to loan them.

Max: But I thought the Branco's were rich.

Wilson: Rodrigo's rich. The other two, they live well, but they don't have real money. Victor's campaigns were always financed by his brother. That is the way among certain rich families. The eldest brother is the king. You know, he gets everything. The other two, not so much.

Max: And now Rodrigo's dead.

Wilson: Exactly, and Marcelo too. It's an awful tragedy for Victor, huh? A man, running on a law and order ticket, you know, whose brothers have both been killed in such terrible circumstances. A true patriot.

Max: What about Marcelo?

Wilson: Marcel... Marcelo was an idiot. Were this true, I certainly don't believe he could possibly have known about it. But I do believe some other scheme, you know, some other bullshit. Whatever that cash was, Victor could have talked him into something. I don't know yet.

Max: And Passos?

Wilson: Well, Passos is a bum ex cop, failed in America, failed in São Paulo. He was surrounded by more money and more poverty than his tiny little head could handle. You think guys like that can't be bought?

Max: No, but if--

Wilson: But, nothing. He's probably not a bad guy. He's just a man, caught in the crossfire of a very rich family.

Max: What about me?

Wilson: You? You are the fall guy. The American, running around, acting like the action hero, killing lots of people. You're a stroke of genius.

Max: That ain't how it is.

Wilson: You were an angry ex cop. You were sitting in a bar, with a history of violence and a history of a bad temper. You were perfect.

Max: Me and Passos went to the Academy together.

Wilson: Did you?

Max: I don't fucking know!

Wilson: Let's take a drive, Max. You want to do some good, hm? You want to get yourself killed in a good cause? Then I need you to check something out for me.

Max: What?

Wilson: That incident at the Fabella[SP] today. Now, some of my officers say a bus dropped off some captives.

Max: It did. I saw.

Wilson: But no captives were ever booked.

Max: They probably handed them off to the paramilitary death squads, the--

Wilson: Crachá Preto.

Max: Right.

Wilson: Who did?

Max: I don't know. The cops. The other cops. The cops who shoot on sight.

Wilson: The UFE.

Max: Right.

Wilson: Max, you see that building there?

Max: The Imperial Palace Hotel?

Wilson: Yes, that's what it says. People go in there, in large groups, under armed guard, but it isn't a police station, and no one comes out of there.

Max: Why don't you just go in, and bust the joint? Get a warrant.

Wilson: I'm only a cop, Max.

Max: So you keep saying.

Time to find out what was going on here. I didn't fancy booking myself in the Presidential Suite, so I went looking for the basement.

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