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Max Payne 3 Walkthrough Part 47 - Chapter 13

Check out part 47 and shoot up Brazil in this walkthrough of Rockstar Games' new drug fueled shooter, Max Payne 3.


Man 1: They had their body armor. I had mine. It was starting to feel as if I'd never leave that place, like one of those nightmares where you keep running and running only to discover you're chasing yourself.

Nothing I was going to find in there could make a difference now. I had all the evidence I needed.

Tear gas, this wasn't good. I needed to find a way out of that stairwell and fast.

That would've been too easy.

This was a waste of time. The doors were all locked. There had to be something else I wasn't seeing. My eyes and throat burned, but at least I could breath. I was trying to work out what direction I was headed in when I discovered some more Brazilian architecture not designed for the American physique.

There it was. The tape from the Bronco security system. Jesus, it was that guy. I had seen him in the favela, Bachmeyer, Becker's right-hand man. His time would come, him and Becker.

I'd seen enough. It was time to bring this nightmare to an end.

I couldn't get that tape out of my head. Why had Oofay [SP] killed Rodrigo? I wasn't going to find any answers in the forensics lab.

Hey, pal. Nice to see you.

Man 2: [speaking Spanish]

Man 1: I don't think we've been properly introduced.

Man 2: I know who you are.

Man 1: Then you should have killed me in the office when you had the chance.

Man 2: There's still time, [speaking Spanish].

Man 1: Another pile of bodies and still nothing to show for it. I felt like I was detaching, that maybe this was revenge for something else, something very deep in the past.

Rodrigo, Giovanna, Pasos, everyone who'd meant anything was gone. Like so many times before, I'd found myself alone, locked on a course of destruction. It was at my worst when I was at my best.

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