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Max Payne 3 Walkthrough Part 50 - Chapter 14

Check out part 50 and shoot up Brazil in this walkthrough of Rockstar Games' new drug fueled shooter, Max Payne 3.


Wilson: Okay Max, now you've checked the main terminal. I'm going to go and look for the Bronco plane by the hangar, okay?

Max: Let's do it.

Wilson: You keep an eye out in there. You know Becker's going to have some guys in there watching out for you.

Max: Yep. So of course I knew they were looking for me, but the airport was about the only place a fat gringo might blend in. Well, there or a sex club.

[Portuguese dialect 00:38:00 ]

Max: My delusions of disguise lasted around two seconds. They were out in force, and they were out for me.

[Portuguese dialect 00:00:46]

Max: But then, I was out for them too. Every last one of those bastards.

[Portuguese dialect 00:00:55]

Max: Come on, you bastards.

[Portuguese dialect 00:01:18]

Max: I felt like my vacation was coming to an end. Only I wasn't heading home with a sunburn, a bag full of duty free, and a dose of VD. I was making a bet they would put me in hand cuffs or a body bag.

[Portuguese dialect 00:05:20]

Max: These were Becker's guys. Him and Victor had a private airport to go with their private army and their private jet. This was the back office. They'd be on their way to the nearby lounge.

[Portuguese airport PA 00:06:54]

Max: The doors lead in the direction of the main terminal. The customer restroom. I could get through to the departure gates up ahead.

[Portuguese airport PA 00:07:20]

Max: There were UFE all over the airport, and civilians were being moved out. Looking at it one way, shutting down the airport for their escape was a weird sort of compliment, but one I didn't need.

[Portuguese airport PA 00:07:40]

[Portuguese dialect 00:07:46]

Max: How'd they get those things past the TSA?

Max: A gate had opened at the other end of the departure lounge.

[Portuguese dialect 00:09:44]

Max: Just perfect! Grenades.

[Portuguese dialect 00:10:20]

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