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Darksiders 2 Walkthrough Part 11 - Chapter 1

Check out part 11 and become Death in this walkthrough of THQ's new release, Darksiders 2.


Karn: The mountain has a voice. How did you? No, no. It doesn't matter. You have done what we, what I failed to do. You must take the good news to Alya as soon as you can.

Death: What is Mordant Dew?

Karn: Mordant Dew is the venom those Stingers get you with if you let them too close. You'll find them in Drenchfort. Walk softly though. Those stings are nasty.

Alya: Horseman! The fire of the mountain flows again!

Death: Yes. Freed by my hand. And Karn's.

Alya: Karn? That pup? He hasn't a clue. And yet, the forge burns once more. You know what awaits you, rider. To finish this, you must restore the tears.

Death: I'm not your errand boy, maker.

Alya: Aye, but our fates are now yoked. Help us, and we will help you. In the meantime, take this. It might be of use.

Death: I know this pistol. It belongs to my brother Strife. How came it here?

Alya: I cannot say. But there are other goods you may barter for now, as well. Restore the tears, then return to me.

Death: You said there were two things which powered your forge, fire and tears.

Alya: Yes, fire to wake the earth and tears to calm it. Both gifts of the Stonefather.

Death: Then fire will not be enough.

Alya: Nay. We require both.

Death: Where might I find the Tears of the Mountain?

Alya: To the west. Past the Fjord and into the Drenchfort. You will find the tears within.

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