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How to Make a Speech in a Business Setting

Learn how to make a speech in a business setting from media coach TJ Walker in this Howcast public speaking training video.


What are some tips on how to give a speech in a business setting? For starters, you've got to get rid of this mindset of "Oh, this is business. I have to be serious."

There's nobody in the business world who wants to be bored. So your challenge in a business presentation is like any other presentation. You've got to be interesting and you've got to be relevant to your audience. So you've got to ask yourself "What are the handful of ideas you really care about that this audience also could and should really care about?"

Then "How do you bring those ideas alive?" A lot of people go into a business presentation thinking, "I need to be concise, I need to be concise." That shouldn't be your goal. Your goal should be giving your audience interesting, relevant information.

If it takes two minutes, it takes two minutes. If it takes 14 minutes, it takes 14 minutes. If you're focused on your audience, information they need, information they can use to make money, build their business, you'll be in great shape.

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