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How to Make an Acceptance Speech

Learn how to make an acceptance speech from media coach TJ Walker in this Howcast public speaking video.


I'd like to thank my agent, my lawyer, my agent's lawyer, my personal groomer, my dog walker. Are you bored yet?

How do you give a good acceptance speech? We've all seen lousy ones with the Academy Awards. A good acceptance speech isn't that hard to do.

The main thing is focus on the people you really have to thank and do it in a genuine, sincere way. If they're in the room, look right at them. Say exactly what you're thankful for.

What you don't want to do is give a big laundry list. And, frankly, other than other lawyers nobody cares about your lawyer.

Focus on the people who were most instrumental in helping you in whatever it is you achieved. Thank them directly and try to tell a story that encapsulates what is the reason of your success. Why are they giving you an award?

Tell a story that talks about perhaps a challenge you had, how you overcame it. And how other people, whether they're in the room or not, helped you.

Do that and say it with some passion. Don't read a list. That's not the time to bring out a script.

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