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How to Make a High School or College Presentation

Learn how to make a presentation in high school or college from media coach TJ Walker in this Howcast public speaking video.


So how do you deliver your first presentation in high school or college? Let's face it, everyone wants to make a good impression on your fellow classmates, and first impressions can often dominate for the next four years. So you might as well make it great.

First of all, realize everyone's nervous. Nobody thinks that they're great at presenting. So you're in the same boat as anyone else. But here's what's making you nervous: you really don't know how you're coming across. You're afraid of making a fool out of yourself. You're afraid of looking stupid. You're afraid of looking like a geek. Well, I don't know want to be mean, but, hey, chances are, you might look like a geek, you might look scared, you might look nervous. There is a solution.

Now, step back and think, how often do you get up, don't look in a mirror once, and you just go to school? You don't look in the mirror after you get out of the shower, you don't look at a mirror after getting dressed, you just get up and go. Chances are you don't do that, because you want to know, is grape jelly all over you face? Is your hair sticking straight up? You look in a mirror to know that you are coming across your best. Well, you can do the same thing with your presentation. But instead of speaking in front of a mirror, you need to speak in front of a video camera.

Get your iPhone out, get an iPad out, get a ten dollar web cam. Practice your high school or your college presentation, and look at it. Keep practicing it until you actually like what you see. Keep practicing until you can point to the video and say, "Ha, that looks like a cool dude. That looks like a cool woman," and you're talking about a video of a presentation of yourself. When you do that, your nerves will melt away and you will make a fantastic impression and presentation on your new classmates.

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