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What Do You Learn in Media Training?

Learn if you could benefit from media training from media coach TJ Walker in this Howcast public speaking video.


Do you need media training? Or maybe you're just a natural. Well let's stop and think about that. How many writers do you know, great writers, Pulitzer Prize winning writers who didn't get formal instruction on how to write? They all had to learn it. They all had to go to first grade and learn the alphabet, punctuation, grammar.

It's exactly the same thing with learning how to speak to the media. It's not that it's intellectually that challenging or difficult, but it's different from giving a speech. You can be the world's greatest public speaker and be awful at dealing with the media because you don't understand the differences. You can look great and confident in front of a live audience, but you can look scared, stiff, nervous or just rumpled on TV if you don't know the specifics of camera angles.

So, yes, everybody needs writing instruction at some point. Most of us got writing instruction every day, first grade through twelfth grade, college, graduate school for some of us, and yet people have to go in front of the media and are often thrust in front of the media without a single day of training. It doesn't make any sense.

For every other important skill that you can use in your career you were trained, often for months or even years. For a lot of you you're at the point in your career when how well you perform and communicate through the media can have a huge impact on your career. That's why you need media training.

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