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How to Give a Speech like Barack Obama

Find out what you can learn from Barack Obama's speaking style from media coach TJ Walker in this Howcast public speaking video.


What can we learn from the speaking style of President Obama? He is, even his critics would admit, a very good speaker, especially with a teleprompter.

Now, sometimes people mean that as an insult but the reality is, it's not easy to be good using a teleprompter. All you have to do is look at President Obama's adversary in 2008, John McCain. Always stumbling and blinking excessively, coming across flat and monotone.

Most politicians when they're using a teleprompter, "all of us out and start to sound like this they are speaking at the same speed and the same time the same." Hear how awful that is? Here how awful that is?

That's not what President Obama does. He understands the key to using a teleprompter is variety. Sometimes you speak a little louder, sometimes softer, sometimes faster, sometimes slower and occasionally you need to pause. When you do those things, that's what makes you sound conversational. That's what makes you sound comfortable. That's what makes you sound confident. He understands. He's not there to follow the teleprompter. The teleprompter operator follows him. And that's a hard thing for most politicians, or anyone else, to really grasp. President Obama understands it. You can too if you practice the right way.

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