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How to Learn from Hilary Clinton's Speaking Style

Find out what you can learn from Hilary Clinton's speaking style from media coach TJ Walker in this Howcast public speaking video.


So what can we learn about the speaking style of Hillary Clinton? Well she's a great example of showing how anybody can improve their speaking skills at any point in their life. It wasn't that long ago where Hillary Clinton had a very specific problem. The problem was that when she was out on the campaign trail, she sounded like this. My fellow Americans, this election is a pivotal election in our nation's history and you can see how annoying that is after a while. Because it's just like bump, bump, bump.

It's too much projection. It's yelling. And it can come across as extreme. Now I'm not being sexist here. This affects male politicians too. Al Gore used to have this problem. But the problem she had, by doing that, she was trying to show passion.

Unfortunately when people are seeing you on TV, which if you're a high profile politician, is how most people will see your speeches, it comes across as too extreme. It comes across as yelling and it comes across as monotone. You don't want to do that. It's like you're angry. Nobody likes angry politicians for the most part.

The key is, if you're going to yell for a few seconds, counter it with a whisper. Great speakers realize that their speaking pace and tone needs to be like a roller coaster. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow, sometimes around a corner. There's constant variety. That's what makes someone conversational.

Now, to Hillary Clinton's credit, she has improved. The last few years she's no longer yelling. She is conversational in tone and she's resonating much more with her audiences. And that's one reason why you see her approval ratings going up.

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