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How to Give an Effective Sales Presentation

Learn how to give an effective sales presentation from media coach TJ Walker in this Howcast public speaking video.


So how do you give an effective sales presentation?

For starters, you don't give people a massive data dump, telling them about all the science and all the engineering that went into the product. You don't tell them about every single feature. Instead, you try to convince people of the benefits of your product, and you've got to tell real case study stories about satisfied clients who've purchased your product or service. That's what's compelling.

Now, everyone has heard a million times, "Benefits, benefits, benefits." The problem is people still don't do it in their sales presentations. They still feel compelled to talk about, "Well, this steel is so durable, it holds up to ten billion pounds and..." All these facts. You are drowning your prospect with facts. Instead you've got to focus on what are the handful of most compelling benefits to your customers, your prospects.

Give them examples, case studies, stories for each, and then you've got to ask them for their business. I don't mean a hard sell, twisting their arm, "You've got to give me this money today or I won't let you out of the room." But you should ask for their business. There should be no confusion about the desired result you're after.

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