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How to Use Body Language during a Speech

Learn how to use body language effectively when giving a speech from media coach TJ Walker in this Howcast public speaking video.


So how do you use body language when giving a speech? Well for starters, you don't do this. This looks like I have to go to the bathroom. You don't want to be standing like this. Another bad thing people do, they put their hands behind them like this. That looks like I'm being handcuffed and taken away to prison. The thing to do with your body when you're giving a presentation is what you do all day long when you're speaking and you're relaxed and comfortable. If you're at the water cooler and you're talking about a football or hockey game last night, you're typically going to say "Did you see that last goal?" You're not going to be "Did you see that last goal?" That's not how people talk. So it's a myth out there that you need to somehow learn new body language when giving a speech. That's not it. The main thing is you just need to move the way you normally move when you're talking to people and not be frozen or stiff. There are certain things you do with your body language that make you look uncomfortable. People like to play with their ring finger or hold a pen. Why do you want to hold a pen when you're giving a speech? Are you afraid you're going to say something so brilliant you need to write down your own quotes? Put the pens down. Free up your hands. Don't hold pens and note pads, papers. Have your hands free. Now the ultimate in body language when you're giving a presentation, a sure fire way to make people think you're comfortable, confident relaxed, move a little. Walk some. Now you don't have to be running all over the stage like Zig Ziglar or some famous motivational speaker but just walking a little creates variety, it forces your audience to move their head, move their eyes when following you and it will make you appear much more confident, comfortable and relaxed and that way people can actually focus on your message and not worrying about whether you're nervous or not.

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