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How to Make a Toast

Learn how to make a toast from media coach TJ Walker in this Howcast public speaking video.


So how do you make a toast? It's that special occasion, you want to make a great impression.

Here are things to not do when you're giving a toast. Don't write out a big long speech. Don't try to cover every single thing you've ever experienced with this person. Don't give a big sermon.

Instead, this is a time to communicate a positive feeling or two. Tell an interesting story about an experience with this friend or this family member. Look at the person.

Tell the story and realize this is more about emotion than it is facts or getting one word right or one word wrong. Don't obsess over some structure. For goodness sake don't pull out a script or a PowerPoint slide.

Just talk about a particular experience, talk about why you're celebrating this moment, celebrating this person's life, look right at them, tell them you thank them and appreciate them and then toast to their health.

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