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What Makeup Should Men Wear on TV?

Learn what makeup men should wear to appear on TV from media coach TJ Walker in this Howcast public speaking video.


TJ Walker: So, how should a man apply makeup when going in front of a video camera? For starters, you may be asking, why do I even need to put makeup on? Well, here is the problem if you do not put makeup on. Everyone else on TV, on video, has makeup on. Every news anchor, every sitcom star, every soap opera star. So, if you go on camera and you do not wear makeup, you are going to stand out.

Here is the problem. You may say I look fine in general, but the video camera lights will magnify any imperfections. Let us get a little closer right now. I just shaved an hour ago. You can already see a five o'clock shadow. Even though I am not feeling particularly hot, you can start to see a shine on my nose, my forehead, and every little freckle, every blemish jumps out more. So, what you are looking for with makeup is the way to mask these imperfections and to bring a neater, cleaner look.

You are not trying to create a whole new persona for yourself. Let me show you how simple it is. I want to take some foundation and conceal my five o'clock shadow as well as circles under my eyes. You may not have any circles under your eyes, but you may have a bit of freckle or blemish and you would like to cover that up. Now you have a choice. You can get a simple sponge. By the way, everything I am showing you, you can get at any drugstore. You do not need anything special as far as your makeup.

So, I am going to take some foundation. I prefer not to use my sponge. I am just going to use my finger. Now, careful to wash it. So, what I am going to do is just dab this on and I want to get rid of my five o'clock shadow here. Put it over my left and on my beard line. The main thing is you want it even. You do not want to see any streaks, especially with high definition TV cameras. It is a light coat everywhere. I have these dark circles under my eyes, so I am going to pay particular attention to under my eyes to get rid of these dark circles.

I am going to dab it on, careful not to make anything look heavy. The main thing is I just want it even and neat. I am not trying to drastically change my looks. This just makes the color tone a little more equal. Now, if you take a look at it, the problem is that I look oily. I look shiny. I do not want to shine. So, the next thing I do is I am going to take some powder and this is a mosaic powder. It is just a lot of different colors. I put it on the brush. I am careful to go up high because I do not want people to see a clear line where the powder or makeup ends and the regular hair starts. I am especially going to give it attention to the nose, because that tends to get shiny under a bright light.

Now, since I put a lot of makeup under my eye, I am going to put the powder on there, because I do not want any shine. I do not want it too heavy. I do not want it too light, and I want it relatively even. The effect is a little bit of a smoother look. Now, the final step, I would recommend is some kind of a lip balm, a chap stick, it does not matter. Put a little on your lips because when you are doing any kind of TV interview you are likely to be nervous, your mouth is going to be dry and then you are going to start doing this. See how awful that looks? So, you want just a little bit of lip balm but be careful not to be shiny. You do not want to look like you are wearing lip stick. There it is. It is not a huge difference, but it is enough of a difference so you can be confident that you look your best. You can get people to focus on your message.

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