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The Darkness 2 Walkthrough - Part 5 Swifty's Pool Hall

Check out part 5 and learn how to use the Darkness in this walkthrough for 2k Games' new release, The Darkness 2.


Man: Hey, Jackie's here!

Man 2: Yo, Jackie! Hey, you wanna gimme a hand here? Doc says I'm not supposed to lift anything heavy.

Yeah, well then you should have no problem there pal.

Jimmy The Grape: Hey Jackie. You ready to do your thing?

Jackie: Just point me in the right direction, Jimmy.

Jimmy: Swifty was at the restaurant just before it all went down. He runs an executive poker game in a pool hall up around this corner. Follow me.

This is Swifty's neighborhood, Jackie. We don't got a lotta friends around here. And those guys in there with Swifty - they aint exactly the friendly types either.

Jackie: Good, cause I ain't exactly in a friendly mood.

Tell Vinnie and the boys to seal off the exits. Nobody leaves here alive until I get some answers.

Jimmy: Attaboy, Jackie.

Tommy Gallo: Jackie! Here he is.

Oh, hey! Hiya, Jackie! Those are some nice shoes. Are those Berlutis/?

Monster: Tear and mutilate!

Jackie: Alright, you lousy prick, stop talking and show me what you can do.

Man: Oh, no, not again!

Monster: Darklings ain't meant to fly!


Man: Swifty, he took out our guys! He took 'em all out!

Swifty: I can hear that, you moron...Just make sure he doesn't take us out!

Man: What are we gonna do?

Swifty: Point the round end of your gun at his face and pull the part shaped like a trigger! Jesus fuckin' Christ.

Aim for his knees! Keep him off my ass!

Monster: Think this is funny, dontcha!

Man: Pin his ass to the ground and don't stop shootin' until he's a pile of meat!

The fuck are you waitin' for? Open fire!

Cover my back you stupid fuckin' pricks! Don't let him in!

Hey, Escado, you know why Italy's shaped like a boot? They couldn't fit that shit in a shoe!

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