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The Darkness 2 Walkthrough - Part 19 Mansion

Walk around the Mansion and shoot stuff in this walkthrough for 2k Games' new release, The Darkness 2.


Jackie: First time you kill a man, you come to a crossroads. You learn something about yourself. You don't learn what you're capable of or how bad a person you are or any of that bullshit. You learn you can sleep at night after, or you learn you can't. You're either haunted, or you're not. I was 16 years old the first time I killed a man, and I've slept like a baby every night since.

Man 1: Everything okay, boss?

Vinnie: Oh, I've had it with these guys, Jackie. We gotta put an end to this.

Jackie: That's the plan, Vin.

Vinnie: Let me know what you need me to do.

Jackie: Sit tight. I'm gonna check in with Johnny.

Vinnie: Anything you say, boss. And when you're ready to put these fucks down, you say the word.

Man 2: You know, if I was him, I'd find a new tailor. Get something that fits a little tighter in the tookus.

Vinnie: Hey, Jackie.

Man 2: But that's just me.

Vinnie: See you around, boss.

Johnny: You take your medicine. It ain't poison just 'cause they say it is. You look at the four faces of evil, one's always turned away from you. Jackie, I heard what happened. Jesus Christ.

Jackie: I think I'm losing my fucking mind. I keep-- I keep seeing that loony bin, and it's getting worse. I mean, it's like I'm losing time or something.

Johnny: Jackie, listen to me. This is what the Darkness does. It confuses you. So I'm thinking it would be a nice time to go visit Hawaii or Fiji, some place nice, warm, and way the fuck away from these guys.

Jackie: No. They're hold up at the old Boardwalk in Astoria, place called Hellgate Field. Me and Jenny used to go there when we were kids. That's where I'm headed.

Johnny: Jackie, you gotta think carefully, all right? This could be a trick. The whole thing smells like a trap.

Jackie: That's 'cause it is a trap, dummy, but I don't have a choice. I can't let it keep hurting Jenny.

Johnny: Don't let them take the darkness, Jackie. You do that, we are all fucked.

Jackie: What about the Siphon?

Johnny: You can't let the Darkness have it. You do that, we are all, once again, fucked. Not even the Angelus could stop the Darkness then.

Jackie: Great. So I'm fucked either way. Listen, Johnny, thanks for everything.

Johnny: Anytime, Jackie. Just, you know, never, ever, ever, ever, again, okay?

Jackie: When we were just talking, you said not even the Angelus could stop it. What does that mean? What is the Angelus?

Johnny: The Angelus? You mean you don't know? Jackie, the Angelus is the complete and total opposite of the Darkness. It's a creature of pure light. The Angelus and the Darkness have been fighting since-- well, I don't know, but a real long time, man. Nobody's seen it for a while, and you, of all people, should thank your lucky stars for that.

Jackie: You said this Angelus thing made the Siphon?

Johnny: That's the rumor. Creatures of pure light, weapon of pure light. It kinda makes since, huh?

Jackie: So this Siphon, could it kill me?

Johnny: Sure. If they killed you with the Siphon, no way the Darkness is gonna be able to repair that damage. You'd go straight to hell. No passing go, no collecting your 200 bucks.

Jackie: Yeah. All right, thanks. Tell me more about this Angelus thing.

Johnny: You mean besides the fact that it wants to kill you?

Jackie: A little more than that would be helpful.

Johnny: All right, here goes. Everything the Darkness is, the Angelus isn't. The Darkness is, well, dark. The Angelus is light. Darkness wants chaos, Angelus wants order. Darkness needs a male host, Angelus needs a female. Guess that kind of explains why they've been fighting for-- well, forever, I guess.

Jackie: Female?

Johnny: Yeah, you know, boobs, pocketbooks, shoes, female. I gotta draw you a picture?

Jackie: You saying one day this broad's gonna show up wanting to kill me?

Johnny: Yep, uh-hum. Yep. Makes you feel any better, you're not the first guy to be in this situation, and you definitely won't be the last.

Jackie: Terrific. Thanks again, Johnny.

Johnny: No problemo. You gotta understand something. The Darkness is gonna mess with your head, huh. You get addicted like me. And pretty soon, you don't know who's controlling who. Hey, if you die, can I have all your books? What? Too soon? Oh, yeah.

Jimmy: Fuck. Did this all go shit-shaped in a hurry.

Vinnie: Not good, boss.

Jimmy: This is a bad deal, Jackie, a very bad deal. I been talking to Vinnie. Maybe we should lay low for a while, let things settle down.

Jackie: That's smart thinking, and all of you should do that. But I'm ending this tonight.

Jimmy: What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Jackie: It means I'm going by the old Boardwalk up in Astoria. They have something there I need.

Vinnie: What's this all about, Boss? Just say the word. Me and the boys are ready to bust some fucking balls. These pricks got the nerve to come in here.

Jackie: No, Vinnie. I put you guys at risk 'cause of my thing. I'm not doing that again. I gotta do this on my own, all right?

Vinnie: Jackie, come on. I can't--

Jackie: That's an order. Hear me?

Jimmy: You got some balls, kid.

Jackie: Fellas, if I don't come back--

Vinnie: None of that, Jackie. I'll see you when you get back, got it?

Jackie: When we was kids, Jenny and I were broke, but she always found a way to have a good time. One time, for my birthday, she snuck us into a roller rink. Some kid was having a party, and it was so big, they didn't notice a little girl helping herself to some cake and some presents. All for me. Best birthday I ever had. She snuck us into movie theaters, con our way into bars, whatever. And whenever we got busted, she was just as good at getting us out as she was getting us in. She could con her way out of anything. But I should have known, luck like that can't last forever.

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