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The Darkness 2 Walkthrough - Part 31 Ending Choice - The Asylum

Check out part 31 and choose your Darkness 2 ending in this walkthrough for 2k Games' new release, The Darkness 2.


Jenny: Jackie! Please! It hurts so much.

Sheldon: Hey, Jackie, wake up.

Man 1: He don't look so good.

Sheldon: Geez, maybe it was something he ate. Hey, Jackie, you eat something bad?

Man 1: I ate a clown one time. He tasted funny.

Jackie: No! No, God damn it! This isn't right. The Siphon killed me! I should be in Hell!

Man 2: Jackie! Jackie! Are you okay? Holy shit, Doctor James!

Jackie: Fuck you! You're not real! None of this is real, it's just a fucking distraction, something to keep me from the Darkness. I need to get out of here.

Man 2: Dr. James! It's Jackie. Quick!

Jackie: I need to get to Hell!

Edward: Come on, Jackie, it's gonna be okay. Doctor James!

James: Everything's okay, Jackie. No one's going to hurt you. Hold him please, Edward.

Edward: Sure thing, Dr. James.

Jackie: You're not real. None of this is real. It's all just one of it's tricks. But I'm not buying it, you got that? Tell your boss that I'm not buying any of this.

James: There's no conspiracy, Jackie. You're in a hospital. You're not well. And we just want to help you.

Jackie: Where is Jenny?

James: Go tell Jenny she's going to have a visitor.

Man 2: I'm on it.

James: Jackie, this is for your own good. There, it's all right now. You've had a bad dream and we're going to make you feel better. You want to see Jenny? We'll bring you to her office. I think she'll calm you down.

Edward: Come on, Jackie. It's gonna be okay.

Sheldon: What's wrong? Is he dying?

Man 3: We have ways of making him talk! Take him away and have him executed!

Vick: Is everything okay here? What happened?

Jackie: No. No fucking way! I just killed you!

James: Doctor, I'm afraid Jackie's experiencing severe withdrawal from his medication. He says the Darkness is back talking to him again. He thinks he may be in Hell.

Jackie: You're not a doctor. You're the head of the Brotherhood. And you're dead!

Vick: It's okay, Jackie. You've had an episode. The voice you think you hear is just your brain playing tricks on you.

Jackie: Bullshit! I just watched you die.

Vick: Jackie, listen to me. It's important. Do you hear the Darkness now?

Jackie: No. It went quiet.

Vick: Good. I think the sedative's having an effect, okay? Let's take Jackie to see Jenny, please.

Jackie: Johnnie, you gotta help me--

Johnnie: Jackie, n--

Knobby: This way, Monkey. The only way out is up!

James: Jackie! Get back here!

Knobby: Hey Jackie!

James: Damn it, Jackie!

Jackie: Wait! No! Don't go up there please, you'll just get--

Knobby: I had a good run. Knew the risks. Made my choice. I'm gone for good this time. Good luck, Monkey. Oh, try not to fuck it up, eh?

Edward: Okay, Jackie, let's just stay calm. Dr. Vick is trying to help you.

Jenny: Jackie? Jackie! Oh God. Please come away from there. You're going to get hurt.

Jackie: You! You're not Jenny.

Vick: Jackie! This isn't a game! If you die here, you are really dead. It's over!

Jackie: No! You're wrong. I die here, I go to Hell.

Vick: Jackie? You're trapped in a delusional cycle and we're trying to help you break free of it.

Jenny: Jackie, please don't do this. I want to help you.

Jackie: You're just some kind of trick of the Darkness. You're not the real Jenny.

Jenny: Jackie, listen to me. There is no Darkness. You don't have special powers. If you jump, it's over, you die. Heaven or Hell, you're gone. I don't want to lose you. We want you to get well again. You've got to take your medicine. Don't you wanna stay with me?

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