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The Darkness 2 Alternate Ending - Stay with Jenny

See the oher Darkness 2 ending in this walkthrough for 2k Games' new release, The Darkness 2.


Jenny: Keep going! You're gonna do it!

Monster: Do not obey.

You doom yourself!

Jackie: She's worth it.

Woman: Jackie, you did it.

Jackie: I didn't mean for this to happen. Any of this...

Jenny: Shhh...We don't have much time.

I love you Jackie Escado. No matter what happens, I always will.

I'm so sorry.

Jackie: Sorry? Jenny...I'm the one who should be...


Jenny: We are the Angelas. The world has gone too long without my light.

Oh yes. It's been so long.

Jackie: Where's Jenny?

Jenny: Don't worry, she's still in here. And...after all you've put her through, she still loves you. But, she knows what must be done.

Jackie: Give her back to me!

Jenny: Don't you understand, Jackie? Jenny's soul wasn't the only thing trapped here.

It was you who gave her to me.

Jackie: I won't fight you.

Jenny: What makes you think I've even going to give you the chance?

You have become too powerful a Host, caused too much suffering.

You...and it...are now where you belong.

Jackie: No...NOOOOOOOOO!!!

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