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How to Groove with the 4 Main Grooves of Hip-Hop

Learn how to groove with the four main grooves of hip-hop from professional dancer Charlene "Chi-Chi" Smith in this Howcast dance video.


So I just want to talk a little bit about the four main grooves of hip-hop. Nothing's set in stone. Nothing written in the Bible. It's just something that I like to call it. And a couple of other people have affirmed what I've been teaching, as part of learning hip-hop dances, old and new. It's always, always, always useful to know that there are four main ones that almost any dance is going to fall into, and if they don't, you can make them fall into any category you want. It doesn't only have to fall into one.

So first one is up. That's when you're just listening to music, and you're rocking up. Your body does this naturally. You have your headphones on. You might be listening to the radio, and you kind of like just groove up a little bit. That is your own natural up groove. It's just the accent is up in the air. Okay? Some dances that go back, I still consider this up.

So next one is down. Anything that takes you down. It can just be your head. You also do this. You might switch from one song to the next on your iPods, or whatever, and you'll do this to one song and then just feels right to change it. That's your body naturally telling you, you want to go down for this song. And any dance move that falls into this category with this groove, will be a down groove. Okay?

Bounce grooves are next. Those are super easy to identify, because those are the grooves that leave the floor. Running Man, Roger Rabbit, Patty Duke, any dance you can imagine, Spongebob, Percolator, that leaves the floor. Jumping is a bounce groove. That one's self explanatory.

Drop grooves are a little tricky. A little harder to identify, because they come with one other groove first. Usually a lot of times it comes with a bounce groove, and then you drop. The drop is a surprise. People don't expect it coming, as opposed to a down groove, which is constantly returning to down. Drop groove, we don't know what's coming until you do it. So that's what makes that a drop groove.

Once you can identify those different grooves, you'll learn faster. You can become more versatile, because you can take one groove dance move that's going up, and you can change it, and take it down. You can bounce it. Anything you want.

There you go. Four grooves of hip-hop.

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