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How to Do the Running Man Hip-Hop Dance

Learn how to do the Running Man from professional dancer Charlene "Chi-Chi" Smith in this Howcast dance video.


We are going to work on the Running Man today. One of our bounce grooves, of one of the four main groups of hip hop; up, down, bounce and drop. It is a bounce groove because pretty much you are bouncing the whole time you leave the floor. Any time you leave the floor it is a bounce groove. Okay?

Running Man; I am going to start with the feet because the arms are pretty simple. I am going to turn to the side so are going to see. I am going to lift up my right leg and I am going to push back and down. Okay? So, boom. And lift my left leg, push back and down, alright? Let us do that again.

As you are pushing back and down, this leg is going down, this leg is going back, you are jumping down, falling down, flatting out, however you want to look at it, boom. And boom. And boom, and boom, okay? Those are the feet.

Arms; now, the Running Man used to be running arms. Okay? Nobody really does it like this anymore. I still like it though so I will give you that option. Just opposite arm and leg like you are walking. Okay, so, boom, boom, boom, boom. Or, the way you usually see it, pushing back or like you are elbowing people behind you, right? And one, and two, and three, and four. I like to tell people to imagine a string from your knee to your wrist and wherever your wrists go your knees go. Hop, hop, hop, okay? A little faster.

Five, six, seven, eight; the first way, two, three, four, the second way, six, seven, turning to the side two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Let us get it to music.

Get it with the Running Man.

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