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How to Rock Your Hips While Dancing

Learn how to rock your hips from professional dancer Charlene "Chi-Chi" Smith in this Howcast dance video.


We got a few different versions of Rock Your Hips. There was an old song, rock your hips and wait, and sit. Not doing that one. We're going to do my own little Rock Your Hips.

Ladies, this is a great move to use when you're easing out onto the dance floor, or even if you're already there and you're kind of trying to think of what to do before you go into your Two Step, or something else.

Start seated, feet about shoulder width or more apart. I have longer legs, so I like the wider stance. You just go into scooping action. This comes strictly from your lower body. So I'm going to scoop down and to the right. Scoop down to the left. Down to the right. Down to the left. This is pretty much the essence of Rock Your Hips.

As you do this, it feels better, for me, to step. Step. Especially if you're walking out onto the dance floor, right? You can't walk out in your spot. So we're going to take the feet. When you scoop down to the right, you step on the right foot. Scoop down to the left, step on the left foot, and add a little tap in there to finish it. Tap, up, tap, up. You're going down. Up, down, up.

Now what makes it pretty, is you always want to be cute. What makes it pretty are the hands. I like to keep my hands in fists, and just kind of outline what you're doing. You don't want them in front, because then we can't see the important part, which is here. I keep them a little on the side, tiny bit behind.

So if you want to squeeze your wings, shoulder blades, in the back, keep your arms nice and tight. Boom. Boom. Boom. You can step forward, back, forward, back. You can take it in a circle. You can go anywhere you want with Rock Your Hips. It's a very free move, just like Two Step. You can open your hands. Nice and simple.

Let's try it with music. DJ, get it. Rock Your Hips.

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