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How to Grind While Dancing to Hip-Hop

Learn how to grind from professional dancer Charlene "Chi-Chi" Smith in this Howcast dance video.


Ladies, you can be grooving on the dance floor and there might be a guy who wants to come up and dance with you. So we've got Tec coming in here. Don't get scared if they look like that, right. So.

Now, the important thing here is if the lady is,you know, giving you clues that she wants to dance with you, guys, you want to follow the lady's lead. Right? You don't want to be doing something completely crazy that she's not doing. Because then she's going to go, "Alright, you can go sit down." Or, she's going to sit down which I think is even worse to be left on the dance floor. Right?

So we're go. We're going to use our body rolls. This is a nice, effective way to grind, right,and it's still safe. You can still have your own space. If you're familiar with the person and you want to be closer you can grab, or you can have your own little groove just together. Right? Ladies, if you want to turn you can face your partner. The guy might clue you in that he wants to do a little bit of the leading. He wants to take your arm and turn you back to him. It means, maybe, "Oh, I like the way she dances. You know. I want to keep dancing some more." Right?

So here we go. How to grind. Let's try it with music.

There you have it. How to grind.

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