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How to Do the Lower Body Robot Hip-Hop Dance

Learn how to do the Robot (lower body) from professional dancer Charlene "Chi-Chi" Smith in this Howcast dance video.


Part Two of the Robot. We're going to show you how to mess around with the lower body as a robot instead of just the arms and the wrists and the elbows. Right? So there's other parts of your body to use so we're going to use them.

We just finished bringing our elbow back down. On eight you're going to hold one, give yourself some time to sit, hold one. Now, in order to sit like a robot you have options. You can either bend your knees one at a time to sit down or you can use both knees simultaneously to sit. What you want to do is try to stop yourself so that you don't look like you are in an elevator, but actually an elevator that is stuck on its way down. Okay?

So now, that's two, you are going to straighten your legs, keeping your upper body stiff so that it tilts forward on three. Yes! Come back to sitting for a second. Now, when you do this, to make your tilt look bigger you can extend your arms; remember using from the shoulder joints to make it bigger. So we're going to try that on three.

Both. And just stand up. Just lift your back, keeping your upper body stiff so that it all comes up together on four, bringing the arms in. Boom. Let's try that together from the sit.

So we hold one, we're down two, lean forward three, back up four. And you can play around with anything you just learned, five, six, seven, eight. Let's try that with music.

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