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How to Dance like LL Cool J & Mary J. Blige

Learn how to dance like LL Cool J and Mary J. Blige from professional dancer Charlene "Chi-Chi" Smith in this Howcast dance video.


Continuing with our groove series, we are going to learn the most basic of grooves, which is pretty much just accenting up.

The two most famous people that I can imagine that do this all the time, are LL Cool J, and Mary J Blige. They do it in their videos. They do it on their shows. Rocking the mic, working the audience. You've seen it before, so now let's do it.

We're going to start feet apart, knees bent, and just for right now, bounce up. Up, up, up. Good. Up, up, up, up. Nice. So Mary and LL, we're going to turn to the side a little bit, they use their upper body as well as their knees. You've seen Mary. Let's go down. She comes up, and up, and up, and up. LL uses both. Hop, hop, hop. You can move it to the side. You can walk it. Whatever you want, just make sure your groove is up, up, up, up.

Let's try it with some music. Hit it. Hit it, DJ.

There you go. Accenting up.

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