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What Do Football Scouts Look for in a Player?

Learn what football scouts look for in a player in this college football recruiting video from Howcast with coach Randy Taylor.


College football scouts look for many many things in a football player. Some of them are intangibles and some of them are tangible.

When you talk about the tangible things, you're talking about the height, weight, their 40 time, their shuttle, their measurables, how fast they are, how they change direction, their vertical jump, their explosiveness.

The intangibles are the heart, the knowledge of the game, the football IQ they talk about. College coaches look at everything that makes you be a better athlete, a better football player, and a better person.

You've got to be flexible, you have to be explosive, you have to be able to change direction, move your feet. Those are the important physical things that college coaches look for. They are going to look for arm length, how big your hands are, do you walk with your feet pointing forward or are you a little bit of a ten two walker.

There's so many things that college coach is looking for. Learn that and just be the best athlete you can be, the best character or person you can be, and the best student you can be, and you're going to get recruited.

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