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How to Get Noticed by a Football Scout

Learn how to get noticed by a football scout in this college football recruiting video from Howcast with coach Randy Taylor.


The thing that you've got to do first as a football prospect that wants to play at the next level, is be noticed by a college coach, be noticed by the scout, the recruiter. And the first thing is great video, great highlight video.

They say, "Video is king in college football." Make sure that, that highlight video, that you do for yourself, is professional, it shows where you are, lined up on the football field, an arrow or shadow box, and then get your information online.

Get that video online, so that the college coach can find you immediately; get that length, watch your video, read about you, see your transcripts, everything that you can, to promote yourself to a college coach. And then understand that the college coaches don't look at unsolicited information.

So for you to be noticed, you got to know which coach you're sending this to and then follow up with that coach. There's a lot of work to get noticed, and if you do this right, you could play at any level that you fit. Fit is a keyword, too, because not everybody can play Division I football, so to be noticed by Division I coaches might be a little bit easier because they have more money to spend to go out and watch it. Being noticed by a DIII or a DII coach is a little bit more difficult, if that's the level that you can play.

Understand how the process works, understand how college coaches work, get your information online, have a great video, attach a great profile with your academics and character information about the charities and the off-field work that you do. Everything you do, get it to a college coach, the right college coach, and you're going to be a great football prospect.

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