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How to Get Scouted for College Football

Learn how to get scouted to play college football in this Howcast video with coach Randy Taylor.


As a high school football player or even an 8th grader, you got to understand how to get scouted. Right? College coaches, college recruiters, college scouts, the first thing I would do is get my information online, guys. Really, really important to have your information online. Meaning, your video. And that video better be great. It better have a shadow box or an arrow to show where you line up.

You know what? The only two players I know where they line up every time on the field is the center and the quarterback. So every other position, have a great video with an arrow showing that coach where you are. Make sure that scout can find you like that in an instant and be able to evaluate you because they're only going to take four or five plays.

Have a great video. Get online. Know which college coaches you want your information to get to so they can scout you. Get on their radar. Meaning, get those coaches to know who you are, have those scouts get you put into their database, right? Where they put you in their recruiting lists on their computers, so they follow up.

And once you get in their computer and into that database, they got to do something with you, folks. They got to recruit you. So, scouting is very, very difficult from the coach's side because there's so many athletes and they have to go all over the country.

But for you, caring about you and your recruiting is easy. It's direct. Find the right coach. Get that information online. Get that video online. Your transcripts or grades, things you're doing off the field. And get it to the right coach. That's how you get scouted.

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