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How to Get a Football Agent

Learn how to get a football agent in this college football recruiting video from Howcast with coach Randy Taylor.


You know, I spent a lot of time on the college side, and I was the pro liaison, meaning that I dealt with all the scouts and the GMs and everybody that came into the campus at UCLA and Illinois and Minnesota and different places. And understand this. As a college senior, you got to know how that process works. Okay? The National Football League Players Association will be your biggest advocate when you're looking for an agent, Okay?. To find the right agent.

They all have to be certified, registered with the NFL, with the NFL Players Association. Contact them. They'll have someone that can reach out to you to tell you who's there, and they'll also give you a little bit of advice on do you need an agent. So many of these contracts now are slotted depending on where you are drafted or free agent or whatever it is.

So you may not necessarily need an agent. You may need an accountant or a bookkeeper or someone to market. And you know that these contracts now are slotted. Right? So the first round draft choices are, kind of, their dollar amounts are kind of already figured out. So maybe you don't need that agent. Maybe you need the accountant.

Or if you're a lower draft pick, that's all slotted. Maybe you have a great agent who is more of a marketing person or more of a bookkeeper or accountant. Understand how it works. NFL Players Association is the key. Go to them. They'll give you the best advice and tell you who's registered, licensed to do agent work for them.

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