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What Football Skills Impress Recruiters?

Learn the football skills that impress college recruiters and scouts in this Howcast video with coach Randy Taylor.


As a college coach, some of the things that I look for in an athlete and that college scouts and recruiters look for in a prospect to play college football, flexibility is really, really important. You have to be able to bend. Stiff players cannot play the game at a high level. Yoga, guys. Get into yoga. It will help you be flexible.

The other thing is explosiveness, right? Fast twitch, change of direction, great feet. Right? Understand that in the game of football you cannot a loper, a long strider. It's really difficult to play if you are. You have to have quick feet, get them on the ground, change direction.

We look for long arms. Length of a player is big, no matter what position that you're playing. And understand speed is important. Okay? It's very important, but give me that great vertical jump and the great shuttle, and I'd take that player over a track-fast straight line guy any day. Right?

Change direction, great feet, flexibility, explosiveness. You know, in football, when we watch a player and they talk about rolling hips, right? That's that last six inches. That explosion is what every college coach looks for, whether you're tackle or block, or whatever you do. If you're able to roll that hip into that last six inches and make contact with the ball carrier or the defensive player or the offensive player, you got a chance to play at a high level.

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